1. T

    Oven not heating - struggling to find faulty part(s)

    Hi all. Have trawled the many threads with similar titles without success. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Have a "Harrow HFM55B/2" oven that has stopped heating without warning. Symptoms are ... No power light. No thermostat light. No internal light. Clock working. Fan...
  2. A

    Bosch Double oven - Conduit question

    Hi all, We have the chance to buy an unused Bosch HBM13B251B double oven from my son and his Fiancé. They bought it (unused) for their new house, but it won't fit their units and the oven didn't come with any electrical wiring etc. The manual mentions using the supplied electrical mains...
  3. D

    Replace obsolete electric fan oven thermostat Stoves DF550SI

    I have a faulty obsolete (20yr old) oven thermostat incorporating a separate oven fan/light switch tab. Can't find a 'universal' replacement. If I fit a standard 2 tab thermostat, and connect the fan and light, they will switch on and off with the element which is not ideal. I have a Stoves...
  4. C

    Cooke & Lewis (Yes I know) Electric Oven Question

    Hi guys Today I started hearing a knocking every 1 second from my oven. After about 5 minutes that stopped but the oven is now considerably quieter and I'm sure one of the fans is now no longer working. The rear one that I can see is working however. How do I accurately find out which? IF you...
  5. J

    Neff double oven won’t heat up after blown bulb

    Hi The bulb recently blew in my Neff U14M42N3GB/1 double oven. This has caused the main element, grill element and fan to stop working in the main oven. When you turn the temperature knob it clicks but the light does not come on. I have tested both elements and they are fine. Also the top...
  6. A

    CDA SC222 oven - element and fan stopped working

    Hi, A couple of days ago, I was using my CDA oven when the electricity tripped a couple of times. It was the oven that caused this as whilst it will switch on and the little pilot light shows, it no longer produces any heat. The grill still seems to be working though. The fan also appears to...
  7. B

    Lamona oven intermittent trip

    Hello Lamona integral oven, 2.4 kw wired up to a 13amp plug. The oven is at least two years old (it was here when we moved in), and the element has played up a couple of times (not heating properly once or twice), and the red LED light that indicates it's on often comes on overnight when...
  8. RonaldE

    Grill not glowing

    I have bought a double oven from Ikea. Both ovens have a grill which consists of 2 elements - an outer that goes round the perimeter and an inner that fills in the middle. In the bottom oven both elements glow bright red but in the top oven only the perimeter glows and the inner element...
  9. Careful_Bodger

    Corroded oven fan cover receptacle fixings - replacement ideas??

    I'd be interested in some kind of expanding or other fitting, suitable for high temperatures, with access only from inside the oven. The two lower screw receptacles holding in place the fan cover (baffle plate) on my ZOB230 fitted oven have corroded. This is on the rear panel, which appears to...
  10. A

    AEG Competence B2190-1-m

    I need a wiring diagram for the above oven, as I managed to take off the oven cooling fan thermal cut out without taking note of where all the wires went. The only one that I am unsure of really is the terminal on the selector switch, can anyone help please? Many thanks.
  11. N

    Trying to replace the timer on a Lamona Oven

    I am trying to replace the timer on a Lamona HJA3650 oven (think its a Howdens make). The problem is that to remove the timer you need to remove the stainless steel fascia and I cannot see how its held on. Taking the two rotary knobs off do NOT reveal any screws and I cannot see any screws...
  12. ritchieee

    Replacing Electric Oven - Existing Cable is 6mm, Oven Specifies 4mm

    Hi folks, our existing old-skool Creda electric cooker is on its last legs, and just so happens that my brother was getting rid of his nearly new Belling cooker as he's having a new kitchen. The existing cable connecting to the Creda is 6mm (says so on the outer sheath). The new Belling oven...
  13. JD2012

    Homark Oven seal coming off Door

    The Door seal is coming off my Homark Conventional Oven. I think its the brown 01-711000 A Model. The seal looks ok its just the glue that holds it on that has worn with the years. Any idea what i could glue it back on with? Would Thermal Paste for a PC work for example? Thanks :)
  14. Bobby Sharp

    Bleeding Rayburn 480k

    Bleeding Rayburn 480 Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with regards to bleeding a 480k Rayburn. We run out of oil and after refilling now have air stopping oil feeding into the Rayburn. I have looked through the manual and have an idea how to do this but wondered if anyone had a step by...
  15. L

    How much for kitchen rewire?

    I recently purchased a new electrical oven as the old one had stopped working (although the grill still functioned). The top (hob) is separate - run by gas. However, when the man from Curry's turned up today, he was unable to install the oven because apparently the cooker's circuit is running...
  16. L

    16 amp oven wiring

    Hello to you all and Merry Christmas first of all. I'm hoping the Christmas days after-celebrations boredom will provide me with some answers :D. Before I start I appreciate everyone will advise me to call an electrician and have it done by them. This is what I might do unless it's a very...
  17. K

    6mm t&e in close proximity to each other

    Hi I've run some cables through a wooden joist but quite a small hole so the cables are very close to each other at this point. Is this going to give me temperature issues when I want them connecting upto a shower, the water tank and an oven? The oven is single electric oven and came with a...
  18. Hayleym86

    Installing new clock on rangemaster

    Hi, I have inherited a rangemaster Toledo 110 gas. I was having issues with the clock. The buttons were all jammed in and bent up. So when the oven went into auto mode I was unable to return to manual and my gas ovens were locked off. After a few days the clock then just died. I've ordered a...
  19. M

    RangeMaster Toledo - fusing house lights

    Hi. Toledo is c 4 years old. Developed issue recently where as soon as you turned the control knob on conventional oven it fused the house light ont eh same circuit. Resetting fuses was OK for a short while but then went again. Further reset seemed ok but ended up with oven not being able to...
  20. T

    Creda oven thermostat

    Hi all, the main oven on our creda freestanding double electric oven keeps heating, and heating and heating! So I'm Pretty sure it's the thermostat that's gone. However, after plenty of youtubing, I can't see where the temperature probe is on the main fan oven. I can see it in the middle oven...