1. S

    Oven noise fix

    Hello, everyone! I've been experiencing a problem that I initially thought was related to the fan at the back of my oven. However, I've now realized it's not that fan causing the issue. There's a noticeable "vibrating" noise when the oven is running, and it continues even after I've turned it...
  2. thegingerscot

    Check the fuse on oven circuit

    Hello, I moved into a house that has this old Belling 100 Dual Fuel (Gas hobs and two electric ovens) the house doesn't have mains gas so the hobs are run via a set of Calor gas bottles outside the kitchen. The oven is old and 50% not working, so it's time to replace. Not a massive fan of the...
  3. V

    Overheating Cooker

    The first I used the oven after I cleaned it, it overheated and shut off. I switched it back on, but since then, it keeps overheating and burns the food. Also, the red light switces on immediately as soon I turn on the oven. Could it be debris in the vents or the thermostat is broken?
  4. D

    Advise on Neff fan heating element wiring order

    Hi All, Looking for some advise regarding a Neff B1442N0GB/03 oven. Fan oven has been spinning with no heat generated, based on this I presumed it was probably the element that has gone. My housemate mentioned that the oven seemed to have tripped the fuse box and the day before I realised the...
  5. J

    Kitchen Electrics - Electric Hob and Oven; cooker switches?

    Hello all, After some advice please. Currently have a 32A switch on my consumer unit with a 6mm T&E cable going to a cooker switch in the kitchen - unsure what appliance this fed before. I am wanting to add an electric induction hob and oven that I understand both need to be wired into a...
  6. nbellyjnr

    Induction Hob Gap

    Hoping someone can help. I recently had a B&Q kitchen installed (by their fitters) and there is a fairly sizeable gap between the hob and wooden worktop (image attached). The fitters have said they can’t get the hob any tighter but to me the gap seems too big. Could anyone please advise if a...
  7. G

    Beko oven fan blade stops turning after 10 minutes

    Hello everyone Our Beko oven fan started to stop running after a dozen of minutes when the heat is on I tried to see if it was coming from the motor so did the same experiment without turning on the heat and the fan blade does not stop even after 20-30 min Do you think it is just a thermostat...
  8. P

    is wiring on cooker switch separate

    Hi, got this ugly thing on the wall needs to be moved. My Q, would anyone familiar with these know if there are 2 sets of wires to each switch inside. We would hope to have a cooker switch separate and underneath the worktop have a plug switch for washing machine. I could have new equivalent...
  9. S

    Oven trips RCD when turning it off

    I have a Logik oven - probably about 10 years old. If the RCD is on, switch on the wall is on and I switch the oven OFF - it trips the electric. If I switch the oven off at the wall, it doesn’t matter which direction the on/off switch is facing, it doesn’t trip. Any initial thoughts before I...
  10. 9

    Smeg Concert SUK62MX8 One Oven not switching on

    I managed to get a second hand oven for next to nothing, its a smeg concert double electric oven / gas hob , it looks to have only light use, however I was told the bottom oven did not work . Top one works just fine mind First thing I did was check the element , which was had continuity and...
  11. S

    Bosch Oven HBA64B251B trips the electrics out

    Sunday's roast pork dinner was cooking nicely then suddenly BANG all the lights went out. Soon realised the problem was the oven itself. Switched the oven off and reset the mains RCD and all Ok. Then switched the oven back on and it all lights up ok, reset the clock and then turn the dial and...
  12. bettz1

    Drawer space under oven

    We've always wondered if we could use the bottom of the oven as a drawer for baking tins oven dishes etc. Took the oven out this evening and noticed that below the oven is a shelf so after taking out the screws we noticed there's space to put a draw. Noticed the front is just screwed on but...
  13. A

    Hotpoint Oven cutting electrics to entire house

    Hello all, I have a Hotpoint HAG60 Hob/Oven that is roughly from 2016, not sure exactly when but it has generally been looked after quite well. The only issue is that when turning it on at the plug, the electrics in the entire house cut out and I have to turn everything back on at the breaker...
  14. M

    4.2Kw Oven install

    Hi All, Can someone clear up some confusion for me please? I'd like to install a 4.2 Kw oven and grill. I calculate that this will pull a maximum of 17.5 amps. As I understand it (...and I'm willing to be corrected), 2.5 mm twin and earth is rated at 27 amps in conditions where it is clipped...
  15. BillyWillySilly

    Removing cabinet support legs for double oven

    Good morning! Typical domino effect in progress in my kitchen. The old Lamona single oven is on the fritz, letting more heat out than it retains so we decide to buy a new one. Double oven and additional flexibility are the order of the day, and we opt for an AEG built under model. The fittings...
  16. J

    Rangemaster 110 Ovens not lighting.

    Hi. The oven on my 110 continued to spark when lit. Switched it off and tried to light again. It now sparks but doesn't light. Tried the other oven and exactly the same thing. Continued to spark when lit and after switching off would not light at all but does spark. Any ideas please?
  17. C

    Neff Oven fan not working and bulb inoperative

    Hi all, I have recently been fitting a replacement kitchen and with the kind help of some of the people on here have finally managed to get to a stage where the appliances are in. The oven is a Neff b1881n0gb, but the fan doesn't work. Listings show that the fan is bespoke for this model oven...
  18. Jake_1992


  19. L

    Oven - Beko OIF22300, no light or heat...

    Hi - so it seems like my oven has died. While the clock and timer functions work perfectly well, turning the control knobs neither turns on the light or fan inside the oven, nor does any heating begin. Can I ask what this might suggest as a point of failure, perhaps something not as simple as a...
  20. M

    Reconnecting fan oven element - which way around?

    Hi there I'm changing the element on a caple C2234 fan oven and stupidly forgot to take a photo of the element wires before disconnecting. If I was to incorrectly reconnect the new element with live and neutral the wrong way around, what would happen? Thanks a lot for your help!