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23 May 2004
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United Kingdom

Tory government 'looking at' granting Australians freedom of movement denied to EU citizens after Brexit

"Australian citizens could get freedom of movement rights denied to EU nationals after Brexit, international trade secretary Liz Truss has suggested.

Speaking during a visit to Canberra, Ms Truss said that the relaxation of visa requirements for Australian nationals wanting to live and work in the UK would “certainly” be looked at as part of negotiations on a new trade deal."

Of course all other free trade deals will probably have the same requirements, so instead of free movement amongst 550 million people, the UK will open the gates to billions from around the world...

In return for crashing out of the biggest trading bloc around which already has deals in place with many of these places, but without the freedom of movement element....

Well done quitters :rolleyes:
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India, Pakistan and China are all lining up. Motty will explode.
Or implode :LOL:

But funnily enough over 20% of the population of Australia has the right to citizenship of the EU...

So Europeans getting freedom of movement in the UK via Australia...

You couldn't make this up!
How does he cope when he goes to the hospital?

Does he draw the line at a prostate exam.

Funnily enough, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 15 months ago - no symptoms, it was picked up when I had a cholesterol test. Had a couple of biopsy’s and they found just 1 cancerous sample out of the 69 samples taken. My PSA has been going down since the biopsy and the wife is (only half jokingly) saying that perhaps that sample was 'it'. Went from 5.9 to 2.9, to 2.8 and the last one was 2.7. Next one is in a few weeks time then an MRI in January and providing that is within the range, I go from three monthly to six monthly blood tests . My PSA should be under 4.0 so I’m in the 'normal' zone. Anyway, I digress. As part of my active watching regime, I have had three prostate exams to date and I must say the best one was by a little Asian fella. He had tiny little hands with slim fingers and he was in and out in no time. I told him afterwards he had been the best so far and he took that as a compliment. We shook hands (after he had removed his gloves) and I went on my way slightly moist, but happy. :whistle:
Of course all other free trade deals will probably have the same requirements

Probably?, why? Do you have a link for this 'probable' information.
as for Australia, we've always had a special relationship with them, and prior to us joining the eu a free trade agreement as part of their commonwealth membership.
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