Fused switched spur with flex outlet - can it be an inlet?

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Brushes have their place.
When I was helping a mate do up his "pad", we put trunking down the walls for "to be decided when we put them in and liable to change" cables - aerial, speakers, HDMI, network, ... Rather than leave a galv box showing he used brushes, but he has a bit of a humorous side to him. Needless to say he had people coming round to see how it ended up - and they'd ask what these funny looking plates were. Before there were cables to give the game away, he'd tell them they were toe ticklers - and people believed him :ROFLMAO:
As some blank plates are thicker than others may I suggest a trip to somewhere like b&q where you can take them off the shelf and see if the edge will be thick enough to file a slot into. the old style MK square edge ones (if i remember correctly) used to have almost precut areas to enable you to do just what you are proposing
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They probably do - but if/when there are alternatives, I'm personally likely to prefer the appearance of those alternatives :)

Kind Regards, John
I too prefer the alternative to brushes; and in my own home, am happy to weild a soldering iron! :)
...and I'm sure some will see this and think, maybe brushes are better! :)
Or, as has been said already, you can get a company to do it for you.
Indeed one can, but one is then paying for the terminals etc. (and cable restrain) when all one really wants/needs is the plate and a hole.

I may be wrong, but I have a vague recollection that I've seen blank plates (no terminals etc.) with a sort of 'knockout" (wall, a thinner bit of material to file/cut) on the edge for a cable entry. Did I dream that?

Kind Regards, John

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