Garage Sockets for Tumble Dryer and Washing Machine

Clearly the 32 amp MCB in the garage is not really required, it is no more than a switch. But it is easier to fit a MCB to a switch so that is quite common. What we don't know is size of cable to garage, would like to see 4 mm² or larger, but even 2.5 mm² is normally rated at 20 amp, so unlikely to be a problem.

Google Garage CU populated and often the come with a 6 and 32 amp MCB, so are fitted with these even when not really an appropriate size. But in the house CU although they can also be supplied populated, one would not expect to find a 32 amp MCB if the cable was not rated that high.

I think likely your expecting a cold plug, and that will never be the case, at 2 kW the plug will always get warm, but not hotter than you can handle.
Thanks. I don’t think I’m necessarily expecting a cold plug, really I’d just like to be sure I can run washing machine and tumble dryer at the same time safely, and I don’t think I’ll achieve that with a double socket.
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It seems some double sockets are rated at 20 amp not 26 amp, in fact specials like filtered double sockets often rated at 13 amp for the pair, so using a twin socket back box 1692001663185.pngrather than a double back box and two single sockets is a good idea.
I`m not quite in agreement with you there Eric,

By BS a twin socket is rated 13A total for the unit as stamped on the back of the socket. Of course in practice a decent make will often exceed this by a good margin but it is the actual BS that we must rely on unless the manufacturer actually specifies higher on that particular model. Some manufacturers of cheapo equipment I dread to wonder even they even comply with the standard at times.

Matt black v shiny white for absorbing/reflecting heat I thought might work tother way around, but I might be wrong.

Sockets not being in cupboards I don`t like and avoid doing such for a few reasons but I had not give much thought to the reason of airflow/overheating so thanks for that one.

When I think of fuses I often think of BS3036 fuses not just the cartridge types.

When I call sockets either twin or single rather than twin or double meeself and of course a dual meaning two single sockets in a dual box - semantics really like ring final v ring main I suppose or Live v Line. Actually I must admit some wholesalers when I ask for dual boxes give me a twin . Dont know what they`d call a twin + single type dual box though, LOl.

I wonder if there is a Youtube thingy by good old JW (He does some excellent stuff does John Ward).
Well 32Amp at each end is not ideal but providing the cable can handle it I wouldn`t, often, be worried about it in itself unless the nuisance of which one trips first comes into play, in fact if we were to worry about efficacy of MCB or Fuse blow ratings we might prefer it cos it`s almost unheard of for anyone to meter test the ratings at which such trip/blow, we just accept the manufacture's type testing as gospel dont we?

As Ericmark mentioned, effectively, the 32A extra MCB could be considered as an extra switch too so could have some merit for use sometimes
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By BS a twin socket is rated 13A total for the unit as stamped on the back of the socket.
I have to say that no-one has ever produced any evidence of this statement. It doesn't say that anywhere in the standard. Double sockets are tested at 14A and 6A in the two receptacles. To be honest this is one of the worst standards I am aware of, and this is made worse by having just been re-written without fixing this crazy rating issue.
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Ok it is remiss of me to rely on others opinions when I have not actually read the actual standard myself and looks like my 13A & 7A should be corrected to 14A & 6A too. Ebee you old git try to keep up.

Mind you, in my defence I did debunk the age old "Ring cross over (join L to E and E to L on different legs) test gives exactly the same R1 + R2 reading at every point on the ring", though. Even some Tutors and other clever fellows quoted that one until I explained the thought experiment and no one then ever challenged my reasoning which I took that they considered that I was correct.

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