How good are you at drinking?

kendor said:
with all the boasting going on in this thread let's hope Georgie Bests's message is not in vain!
Not boasting mate, it's just people being honest bout their weaknesses.

Adam, thrown up all over myself and others many times, it still don't stop ya.
There are people that understand what alcoholism is like ( cause of themselves/ family members/ friends/ colleagues etc.) And there are people who don't understand it, and blame it all on weakness/ lack of will power etc.

If, in my next reincarnation, when I come across a drunk, I hope I will think "There but 4 the grace of God."
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TraineeSpark said:
And Masona, all the best with your giving up mate, sounds like you are doing amazingly. Many Many Congratulations. I know it ain't easy. Have you got the support of family and friends to get you through Christmas?
Sorry a bit late TraineeSpark, didn't see your post. Thanks for the kind words, I think I was like most people who wasn't being honest how much drinking is happening. The problem with home drinking is the measure of spirit is more generous than the pub!!! I was trying to give it up the last 3yrs, cut it down etc but couldn't do it and found the best way is to give it all up together. It all started last July when my eldest son ended up in hospital after incident being in the wrong time & place and with me having my tonsillectomy operation went home and had a blood clots, rushed back to hospital for another operation to stop the bleeding for 5 more night in hospital! I couldn't eat or drink properly for 14 days and when I tasted my first alcohol drink it tasted horrible and couldn't drink it, since July I haven't touched a drink. In some ways it done me a flavour of helping me to give it up and I now don't miss it. I was drinking only in the evening and don't think I had a drinking problem but who know where the starting point is. As Georgie Best once said "Alcoholic is no difference from an illness".
im crap, ****ed after a couple of pints and even crapper at hangovers, so i dont bother now, too much in the world to miss it laying on the sofa feeling crap and feeling sorry for myself :LOL:
Better keep busy then ;)

Do police have secret drinking problem due to high stress of their job?

My Gp told me that GP's and nurses have the highest rate of alcoholism :eek:
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masona said:
My Gp told me that GP's and nurses have the highest rate of alcoholism :eek:

They also like snorting anaesthetic gases and such like. Law is officially most stressful occupation
Do police have secret drinking problem due to high stress of their job?

dont know they keep it a secret!

only really know of one bloke that did and he went the same way as you and turned his life around. Saw others that always seemed to be propping up the bars. I knew quite a lot that always seemed to go home and have a drink after a night shift before going to bed. That never seemed right to me. I only did that once and that time was after someone tried to drop a large lump of concrete on my head, but hit the car instead. I could never see the logic in going home having a drink and then going to bed. Quite a few also seemed to get very drunk and act like prats on any evenings out. bit like letting the gennie out the bottle. The rest seemed to busy trying to shag the newest probationers behind their wifes backs!
Thermo said:
The rest seemed to busy trying to s**g the newest probationers behind their wifes backs!

Are you talking gay sex here? Did the probationer's wives ever find out?

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