How Much Do You Drink A Week ..???



Seriously ......(no Gillian Mckeefe bitch after your poo ,unless you want too )

No Judgements Here ......

My names Moz an I drink ....

38 pints of stella in a week ...

10 vodka mixes

Now explain

I drink on a friday night with the building site lads ,

or sometimes I go in a boozer alone ,

an go for it,
an get chummy with new found friends who are drunk/****ed an as I can be very personable ,

I then have a weds session , an now a Sunday one .. as new ...... but 3 hammerings a week are ok .....arent they

btw I just got diabetic too ..UUURGGGH

so I dont eat before a session, (shock Horror !)
an I wee an sweat it at work out ,

I keep ..weesticks an blood my levels are Great ....

its wrong but Im "Not Dead Yet "
I need to live ..

thats me laid bare ..... could be bullsh*t , but Im honest ..

How bad are you .. seriously ...LOL
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laid bare...youll be laid out in a coffin soon....or a giant pickling jar! ;)
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Well, I think it is irresponsible to drink so much at the best of times, but when you are diabetic? I read some news article about how preventable diabetes is costing the nhs a massive fraction of its budget.

To give you a perspective on how much you are drinking, a pint of Stella is 5.2% ABV, IIRC. That means a pint is 3 units. You drink 38 a week: that is 114 units. Assuming your vodka and mixer is a single (which I doubt!), that is a total of 124 units of alcohol per week. The recommended MAXIMUM is 28 per week for a HEALTHY man (I believe the recommendation for diabetics is not to do it at all). You are drinking in excess of 4 times that.

Assuming you drink that in 3 even sessions, those 41 units you drink will take around 41 hours for your body to process. 3 units (one pint of Stella) puts an average man right on the blood alcohol limit to legally drive. After your Wednesdau night session, you won't be sober enough to drive for 38 hours. That puts you to mid-morning on Friday. But being a heavy drinker, your liver is probably, to put it in medical parlance, f**ked. So, it would be more likely Friday evening. When you go out again. That will put you over the limit until Sunday, at which you start drinking again and will be over the limit until Tuesday night.

So, I can only hope you don't drive... EVER.

Now, in case that sounds rather holier-than-thou: I drink. I avoid drinking during the week, restricting myself to Friday night and Saturday night. I used to drink around 10 units on each of those two nights, however with recent barbecues I totted up nearly 60 units per weekend, two weekends in a row. THAT realisation scared me into cutting way down (I am keeping it to about 10 units a week for a while), and it isn't even half what you are drinking. I am a heavily-built, healthy 25 year old, with over 16-stone to be processing all that alcohol. So if I'm scared at 60 a week, a diabetic at 124-134 a week is sheer madness.

Cut down, for your loved ones' sakes if nothing else. You might find this very hard, you are quite likely to even be a full-blown alcoholic...

No offence, but no wonder you're diabetic.

I'm not saying this to be high and mighty, but I drink at the very most, 2 units in any given week. Most weeks though, I drink 0 units. Just lots of H2eau and some milk, juice etc...

Don't get me wrong, I used to drink like a fish (or should that be whale - yes I know they're not fish, but....).

I used to go out, drink 12 pints of lager, a few whisky chasers, 20 odd fags and 2 Hamlet in the space of just a few hours. Every day. Then swallow a sweet and sour pig on the way home...(that's no way to talk about your one-night-stand.... :LOL: )

Now I realise that having (almost) given up the booze and given up smoking, I have never felt better, and my bank manager now smiles when I see him, as opposed to runs away...... A friend of mine said that smokers/drinkers partake just to be able to feel like non-smokers/drinkers do all the time.

Does that make sense?
Tee-total? A billion muslims can't be wrong...

Just one benefit of cutting right down is that when you DO drink, you get that nice euphoric feeling that you used to get when you started drinking. Much better. I get drunk, but only to that "Hmmmm, better not go near a car or use any sharp implements" stage. Seldom to the "Wahay, wahooo!" stage, I pass out before then now.

And as Simon points out, it is expensive. £2.50 a pint of Stella, in a cheap pub, that is £100 a week, £5000 a year, which is equivalent to a lot more of your pre-tax earnings. Stop drinking, get an effective £8K payrise.
securespark said:

No offence, but no wonder you're diabetic.
Not sure whether the alchohol would cause the illness but it certainly negates the effectiveness of the drugs used to control it.
Scary stuff - when you start talking about it in units, I just totalled mine up and I'm pushing towards 100 each week - time for a rain check methinks!
I drink a bottle of red wine with my dinner every day, is this too much? I'm told I should only drink two glasses? seems a waste of time to me. :D
kendor said:
securespark said:

No offence, but no wonder you're diabetic.
Not sure whether the alchohol would cause the illness but it certainly negates the effectiveness of the drugs used to control it.

Alcohol raises your blood sugar level hugely.
securespark said:
....I used to go out, drink 12 pints of lager, a few whisky chasers, 20 odd fags and 2 Hamlet in the space of just a few hours. .......
Gordon bleeeding Bennet !! That is some 'split' old son, did you soak the ciggys and cigars or shred 'em into the mix ... filtered glasses or what??..... Desperate Dan himself !

:D :D :D
securespark said:
AdamW said:
a massive fraction

Surely a contradiction in terms.......??

999/1000 is a pretty big fraction :D

I said massive fraction because it was something along the lines of 10%, but I can't remember exactly what it is.

I'm beginning to think my blow-out 60 units weekend makes me something of a tee-totalling nancy now!

In case anyone is in any doubt about units, one unit is equal to 10ml of pure ethanol. So:

1) a bottle of wine is from about 7 units (9-10% light wines like Liebfraumilch) to 11 (those 14.5-15% wines that seem to have become popular in the last couple of years).
2) Beer and zoider is from 2 units per pint (3.5% ABV), through 3 units per pint (5.2%, such as Stella), up to 4.5 units (Old Rosie scrumpy) and even as high as 7 units per pint in some mad beer-festival hero brews.
3) a 25ml shot of a typical 40% spirit is one unit, but many pubs now offer the club measure (35ml), which is equal to 1.4 units.
4) some bars I have been to serve a poor excuse for absinth, usually they put an insanely high concentration of alcohol in it as a marketing gimmick. I have seen stuff at 70% in my old local, that is 4 units of alcohol in the double measure.

When trying to make a "mucky pint" for friends at their birthdays, I have sometimes been told by bar staff that it is illegal for them to serve more than so many units of alcohol in one glass, I think it was six units. Of course you get round that by asking for a half in a pint glass plus 10 shots of spirits ;)

Richard, I agree about the wine: doesn't seem to be any point in just having a glass or two, you might as well stay on the orange juice, surely this is far healthier than a small amount of wine?
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