Living Room Lights - one last problem

30 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

Thank you to everyone who as helped me so far. I've nearly cracked my problem, but now one of my lights stays on permanently.

This one works fine! Switches on and off as usual.

However, this is the one causing me problems and staying permanently on.

Anyone able to offer a solution?

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I must say thanks for the pictures

your pictures show your problem

in both pictures you have the blue form the fitting connected to the black and blue

in the 1st picture you have the brown connected to the red and yellow (nothing on multiple red)

in the 2nd picture you have the brown connected to the multiple red

why not connectit to the yellow.

also the yellow should be sleaved with red tape to indicate its live
So it's just a simple swap over to the yellow wire?

Cheers. I'll try it now.
OK. It didn't come on or switch on at all. When I first opened up the fitting I remember that the Yellow wire wasn't connected to anything.

I am now wondering whether one of the reds in the second picture needs to be paired with something?

Any suggestions?
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Turn the power OFF.

With a multimeter set to continuity, put the probes across the reds and the yellow in the bottom piccy.

Turn the switch on and off. What happens?
you really nead a multimeter to find out what does what, unless of course you know where the other end is and what that yellow is connected to.

you could also try splitting the 2 reds and connect the light to each one in turn. But that then begs the question what do the yellow and blue do?
So it's off to B&Q for a multimeter? It was all going so well! I have learned quite a lot these past few days, but not enough to actually fix anything. I do feel very stupid :cry:

As I've never used a multimeter before (you'd never guess would you?!) can I get some help from you guys?

Sure, but read the instructions and have a fiddle first.
Funny i have just come back from there, i did notice they do have mulitmeters, you dont need the expensive one though. Oh and don't get the one with the leads are permanently fixed to the meter, you want one with removable (unplugable) leads
Hi folks,
I have my multimeter - yellow box with red and black leads; loads of symbols I have forgotten since GCSE Physics!

Is it advisable to have someone with me whilst I do this? I'm on my own today, but my wife will be able to activate switches for me tomorrow.

Since my last post I have replaced my bedroom fitting and am about to do the bathroom. They are so straighforward, but the living room is something else!

you should be perfetly safe, since to test it you should turn all the mains off
Breezer and Securespark,

Your help has been much appreciated - thank you. :D

The sunlight is starting to go now, but at least I have new bedroom and bathroom lights. Now for some painting!!

I'll have a crack at the living room light tomorrow afternoon.

mrtomato. :)
nothing wrong with fixed leads, it just means when they wear out your stuffed
Hi :D

I am now in a position to test my wires for my light fitting. I need to test out the second of the two photos I posted yesterday.

Any tips on how to use my multimeter are gratefully received.

Many thanks,
mrtomato. :)

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