Living Room Lights - one last problem

Right. Just done continuity test.

The yellow and red (from the blue, yellow and red combo) make a noise. The other red (from the black, red and earth combo) and yellow makes no noise.

Does this mean anything?
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Please can someone help?

I have tested the red and yellow wires as advised earlier in the post.

One of the red wires shows no activity at all, even when either switch is on or off. The other brings numbers onto to screen and the one switch makes it beep.

All I need to know is how to combine them, then I can fix my light.

I sincerely appreciate any help you good people can give me.
I am struggling to understand how this light is meant to be switched, is it a 2 way light i.e. switched from 2 points? Is it the single switch as you posted in an earlier thread or from the 2gang switch? When you are testing, what range are you using and which wires are you testing between?
Thank you so much for replying. I am convinced this has to beb very easy to solve.

Yup. It's a two way thingy. Each switch turns on both living room lights. One of them works fine. The other doesn't. My problem is that the wires got mixed up when I stupidly tried to fix a new fitting a couple of weeks ago.

I am a total newcomer to this and don't understand what range means.
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Range = what position have you got the selector switch on the multimeter set to?
Are you saying this light should operate in parallel with the other light using the same switches? Or do you mean the other gangs of the switches?
Position is continuity(?) Both lights are supposed to come on when either switch is activated.

I was advised to buy the multimeter to help me identify which wire is which.

On the other fitting, one of the reds is combined with the yellow wire. Should this be the case in this fitting?
If you look in the original fitting, the red/red wire looks at though it will be the switch wire. This is connected to the yellow wire. Permanent live connects to the red and blue to neutral. I am inclined to suggest that you try connecting the brown wire in the problem lamp to the yellow, blue to blue and black, and leave red to red as is. Wasn't this suggested before though?
Yeah. I tried it but it didn't work. I will try it again now though.

I am sorry if I'm irritating asking such basic questions, but as I am sure you understand I am determined not to get beaten by a lamp!!

I do appreciate your help/ I'll reply again in a few minutes.

Thank you :D
Thank you :D
Thank you :D
Thank you :D
Thank you :D
It works!
My nightmare is over. Also I remember trying that combination yesterday, but upon examination of the wire, I fixed the screw to the plastic coating and not the wire!

For now, my electrician days are well and truly over - until my next crisis that is!!

in the mean time i suggest you learn how to use the meter

"makes a noise" is not very good
Sorry, Breezer, but I'm a History teacher. To me a beep is a beep! But you are right and I will read up on them as I'm sure it'll be of use in the future.

Cheers for the help!

mrtomato. :D
History teacher eh? Please remember to make a record of which wire goes where before you take something to pieces next time :LOL:

I'll get my coat,
Breezer, I guess it was on continuity beep setting, hence the noise.

Glad you sorted it Mr Tom! Bet with a name like that, the students take the Mick!! :LOL:

Did have a strong hunch that yellow was the right wire and was as disappointed as you when it didn't work. Glad it was a poor connection!

What's your next electrical project? ;)

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