no more war comedy?

16 Feb 2007
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
how come we don't have any more war comedies?

we had M.A.S.H. for korea, It ain't half hot mum for whatever war that was, Dad's Army, Allo Allo, and so on..

what have we had recently? anything about the Gulf war etc? apart from the "serious" documentaries?
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That's an interesting observation. I guess war is far more impersonal these days.
we never had anything about Vietnam either did we?

I suppose we have the occasional film like Stripes and Private Benjamine, but no TV series..
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Not a series but Robin Williams was in 'Good Morning Vietnam'.
Was that a comedy? Never saw it only trailers.
hot shots was a **** take of top gun..

three kings is not a comedy..

tropic thunder was a film about a film.. but I suppose it could be considered vietnam-ish..

I was on about TV comedies, not films..
I think over there is a bit to recent for anyone to get it past the censors.

With the no of our lads & others dying it would be awful to produce something that takes the P of army life over there at the mo, imagine the outcry, the press would have a field day.
we never had anything about Vietnam either did we?
"No Bugle No Drums" is a book by Charles Durden focusing on the Vietnam war, from a grunts point of view. Although not a comedy it is darkly funny and a brilliant read.
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