Old Conservatives don't understand

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council houses were sold pre thatcher and over 5000 sold in 1956
Under the Tories. How many did Labour sell off? You do know there was no RTB at the time? That came later...
INteresting article, usual slant.

It reiterates something which has always inrigued me - Across Europe, nowhere near our %age of people ever owned their own homes, especially in cities.

Just rent. Social pays it, don't they?
Need a house? Buy Nvidia. It'll be double next week. It's in the tea leaves.
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no mr half wit you said from 1983 when it was introduced are you struggling with that and not intelligent enough to realise it had been in for over 100 years
MIRAS was introduced in 1983

Here is an quote from a government website: “In April 1983 the mortgage interest relief at source scheme (MIRAS) was introduced under which the borrower pays the lender the interest less the tax relief. The rate of relief given has varied since its introduction. Currently the payer is entitled to deduct 23% from payments of interest qualifying for relief

What you are talking about was not MIRAS

There’s no need to get annoyed with me just because you are wrong
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from the link:

Thatcherism liked to present itself as a rejection of the postwar, state-driven, more profligate way of doing things. But in housing, her administration was actually the postwar state’s beneficiary, selling off the assets it had built up. A similar dependency lay, almost never acknowledged, behind her social and economic reforms generally. Her freedom to make Britain more risk-taking and individualistic in some ways only existed because the country she had inherited, for all its flaws and tensions, was a relatively stable, unified place underneath: more equal in the late 70s than it had ever been, still permeated by shared class assumptions and largely at peace...

Meanwhile rents for remaining council tenants rose...By 1991 they were 55% higher, relative to average earnings, than they had been 10 years earlier. “If it were not for the right to buy,” conclude Jones and Murie, “the council housing sector as a whole would have generated huge surpluses [from rental income] and the rise in real rents ... would not have been necessary.” Or to put it more directly: home ownership was made possible for wealthier council tenants through discounts paid for by their poorer neighbours.

I wonder how many of those homes sold off by Thatcher are back in the hands of private landlords?
so yet again someone agreeing council houses were sold pre thatcher and over 5000 sold in 1956 not long after the war when people were skint suggests it was quite a popular option

Gas you are just making yourself look silly

Yes council houses were sold pre Thatcher

No they weren’t sold in large numbers
No councils weren’t stopped from building more council houses

You are just getting annoyed because you’ve been proven wrong and you are too cowardly to admit it.
Keep up Gant.:rolleyes:

In the 1983 Budget Geoffrey Howe increased the size of loans eligible for tax relief on interest from £25,000 to £30,000. It had previously been announced that MIRAS would come into operation from April 1983.
Still sticking with this lie?
It is not a lie, you just don’t understand the difference between MIRAS that was introduced in 1983 and what was available before.

It is not my fault you are getting angry because of your own ignorance

Here is a quote directly from the government

“In April 1983 the mortgage interest relief at source scheme (MIRAS) was introduced”

Here is another example

“MIRAS – mortgage interest relief at source – was introduced in 1983 to provide homebuyers with tax relief on the interest payments on their mortgages”
"Tax relief was originally allowed on interest paid on any loan. In 1974 it was restricted to mortgage loans and limited to £25,000, and the scheme as we know it now was introduced in 1983."

I remember it as though it was yesterday my solicitor calling it a miras loan in 19 79 because he wanted me to take out an endowment loan. Which was a wise move on my part.
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