Old Conservatives don't understand

I worked in Construction in the 60's/70s.......Saturday Morning was paid at time & 1/4, Saturday Afternoon Time & 1/2, Sunday Double Time.....can't remember what Bank Holidays were.......and working away from Home......Subsistence was also good.....all ended in 1979
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I can't find figures for the 60's or before, so lets say we don't know what the best years were, but New Labour were to blame anyway.
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The massive housing crisis we have today is a result of both Conservative and Labour policies since Thatcher became PM in 1979

Thatcher started the seeds of the crisis with RTB in 1980 then MIRAS in 1983

Blair continued RTB and he introduced buy to let.

Blair period also saw a deregulation of mortgage industry with self cert mortgages, expansion of 100% mortgages, and allowing people to have interest only mortgages.

Then the Tory period 2010 to around 2019 saw very low bank rates allowing people to over extend
Also there was massive QE which saw huge amounts of cash pushed into the system raising property values

The last 14 years have seen the big 6 housebuilders control the supply of housing and influence Tory govts to enable policies to get more people buying unaffordable homes

Ans of course we have the last 14 years of massive stagnation of wages combined with growth of insecure work contracts alongside an ever increasing number of people caught in the rent trap

But ultimately the greatest root cause of the housing crisis is the removal of millions of council houses from the housing stock which stabilises the market. And it’s the only thing that will now solve it.

Anybody who wants to make political point scoring by blaming just one side is on a hiding to nothing, because it’s simply untrue.
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