Rewiring cost

"A full rewire would be good but i only expected to pay £1000-£1500 max"

Those days are confined to history

£2K to £3K sounds good to me (I am in Lancashire)
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I need more sockets in all rooms and plenty more in kitchen and hallway + new wiring for spotlights in kitchen + new rcd box.
Good idea to put all wiring in conduit for ease of future changes. And if you specify metal conduit for switch drops, or BS 8436 cable it removes the need to have RCDs where you'd rather not.

Think hard about where to have sockets - it's difficult to have too many, and also about what circuits to have. The items on the list below won't all apply to you, but they are worth thinking about:

  • Upstairs sockets
  • Downstairs sockets
  • Kitchen sockets
  • Circuit for appliances
  • Cooker circuit
  • Non-RCD circuit for F/F
  • Non-RCD circuit for CH boiler
  • Dedicated circuit for hifi
  • Dedicated circuit for IT equipment
  • Upstairs lights
  • Downstairs lights
  • Immersion heater
  • Loft lights
  • Shower
  • Bathroom circuit
  • Alarm
  • Supply for outside lights
  • Supply for garden electrics
  • Supply for shed/garage
Plus any peculiarities brought about by your house layout & construction - e.g. in mine because of solid floors and where the rings run, I have a radial just for a socket in the hall, the doorbell and the porch lights.

Unless you want to go to the expense of RCBOs throughout, the CU should have at least 3 sections, 2 on RCDs and one not into which you can install a mix of RCBOs and MCBs.

If you live somewhere where supplies are dodgy in the winter, have the lights, the boiler supply, fridge/freezer and a socket in each room wired to a separate CU, or a separate section in a large one, that can be supplied by an emergency generator - lights, heating, TV and a kettle/microwave make life a lot more bearable.

Oh - and drop the idea of using spotlights - it would be a shame to go to all the trouble of a complete renovation and end up with lighting which doesn't work properly.
bad idea to put everything in steel conduit..

price of an RCBO? £20-£30 ??
price of installing 20-30 conduit drops??? = cost of materials plus extra time to chase walls where you don't need to, cut and thread the conduit etc..
and what is the likelyhood that you need to change the wiring again in the next 20 years when the regs will have changed another 7 times and the installation methods and materials have too?
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Maezear what you need to do is stop asking an unanswerable question on here and find yourself 3 or 4 registered electricians, show them the property tell them exactly what it is you want installing (don't change your mind later as that will add to the cost) they will provide you with quotes, weigh them up and then choose.

If you get a quote for £1000 - £1500 you will either;

1. have a terrible installation that has not improved
2. Unlikely to see a certificate worth cleaning your Glutomous on

Out of curiosity if you list exactly what you want on here i.e. number of sockets, lights, shower etc, then you will stand a better chance of getting an idea of price
I will just point out that it is not compulsory to use a registered electrician

There are other ways of complying with part P

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