Robbing Parking Companies

Terms and conditions available on request damages the contract. As you could request them and say I reject them. You cannot agree a contract subject to contract.

The little snippet saying we may apply additional charges is meaningless boilerplate.

A charge of £70 may be applied damages the contract. It either will or it won’t. However, in that case an admin fee capped at £40 is more likely but only if the contract and debt is not disputed.

If it’s disputed, it’s disputed, it then doesn’t matter what they have written. The clock stops the recourse is court action - that’s it.

In both of Jonathan's photos, it clearly states "an administrative charge".


Correct me if I'm wrong, but no racking up of monies from that wording.
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It doesn’t matter what the wording says, if you dispute it. They cannot inflate the fee by continuing to apply admin.

It’s bailiff’s fees that run up the debt.
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