Saturday night TV



Do you all subcsribe? i dont... havenot watched anything tonihgt....

listend to music and googled......

TV is rubish really isnt it?
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Watched last part of Paralympics, (Channel 4 coverage $hyte!) and then put some CD's on.
Most nights TV is carp.
Apparantly dr who was on tonigte.... but realy not interested.... and thrn banal quiz shows...... boring!!!!
i record several programs throughout the week from the normal tv and about 8 off the non terestial freeveiw channels so channel 6 and above

i record any programs and repeats that take my fancy and if i can remember more than 30% then i delete without watching further this doesn't apply to light hearted entertainment like monarc off the glen heartbeat hamish macbeth and others where escapism is the aim so unless the plot line is particularly heavy aggressive or violent where i will again delete
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Most TV involves repeats. Ironically the newish stuff involves X factor and its competitor, Strictly CD. Downton is another soon to be started autumn favourite.

Beyond these, the soaps are the only dynamic bits of regular entertainment.

Pretty poor show really - maybe Orange weds for the flix and the local theatres are the way to go :)
I just can't get into that new guy as Dr Who.
We need re runs of your show , Joe + Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet :mrgreen:
Yes. Eggleston was the Dr for me - with Rose (pumped up lips). Them lips could do some damage. ;)
A few days ago, I read through all the tv programmes listed for that one day (sad I know). That one day, on the five main channels, there were 78 listed repeats. That's not including films (which must have been on before) and not including programmes which were 'revisited'.
Stopped watching Saturday TV while ago, usually record dramas/films during week when busy and watch at weekend.

This Saturday night I watched Enemy of The State and Sunday night watched Things to do in Denver when you are dead
Why don't you get a hard drive recorder and get to be more discerning.
A recorder can record two programmes at once and you can watch a recording. Or if you have FV tv set watch another channel other than the recording ones.
You don't need to complain about the crap if you don't have to watch it.
Why do folk pay for sky, you get the same rubbish on freeview.

ah....but with get far more choice .....mainly rubbish, but more of it....

(we won't mention you were watching little house on the prairie at the weekend... :D )
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