The things that they say

20 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Cyril Smith
Much of the work I have done for charity. And youth has been to help poor people and poor children

Election leaflet from Cyril 5 months after plod interviewed him about sexually abusing deprived boys

He (Cyril) was some body who gave people tough love he knew that some times if u were to benefit he had to give u a talking to
But he had really clear high standards and principles
But above all he remembered he came from Rochdale and was in politics to help people from the bottom up

Deputy lib dem leader Simon Hughes speaking after cyrils funeral
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I worked with a geezer from Rochdale in the late 70s he reckoned Cyril was at it and it was common knowledge in the area
Few did more for charity than Jimmy Saville, and look how he turned out, maybe the charity work was a way of appeasing his conscience.
My wife hates hearing people speak ill of him because as a nine year old, she appeared on Jim'll fix it, apparently he fixed it for her to milk a cow, blindfolded.:eek:
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