1. C

    Replacing Kitchen End Panel

    Hi, I’m replacing an MDF kitchen end panel which has blown due to a leaking washing machine. There appears to be silicone in-between the top of the original panel and the silestone worktop. Is this just general clear silicone or is there a specific brand/type I need to purchase? Thanks in...
  2. O

    Bath / Shower silicone questions

    About a year into a new bathroom, the silicone started peeling away from the bath and getting mouldy. It gradually detached along most of the length of the bath. I've put this off for a while but now decided to try and tackle this myself. The bath is Carronite (acrylic) so I wondered if maybe...
  3. bettz1

    Help identifying silicone colour

    Need some help in identifying the colour silicone we've got in our kitchen. Long story short Mrs wanted to use dc fix then changed her mind after I'd taken off the silicone in preparation :mad: We thought it was brown but when we looked in wickes brown was too dark. Could it be buff...
  4. D

    Can I reseal part of my bath tub?

    Hi there, I can see the sealant coming away slightly on one of the ends of the tub where it meets the wall/tiles. The other 2 seals seem fine. So I've removed the silicone across the edge of the bath where the taps are and have left the rest alone. Can I just re seal the one edge or do I need...
  5. S

    External window silicone gaps

    I've noticed some fairly big gaps in the silicone above a couple of our external windows. I was just wondering if we might be better trying to use something other than silicone to cover this? I'm thinking if we re-silicone, due to the size of gaps if might just break away again. See attached...
  6. D

    Who stocks siliconate penetrating concrete sealer

    Who in UK has a siliconate penetrating concrete sealer in stock? I only need sufficient for a 25M^2 concrete garage floor. So far, all online searches yield suppliers who are currently out of stock. I’m thinking of something like PS101 which seems to out of stock everywhere. Suggestions...
  7. S

    How to remove shower waste

    Hi I've got a leak from a shower waste so I'm going to have to take out a section of the ceiling below (oh joy) to repair. Given the location of the water mark on the ceiling below, I'm reasonably sure that the leak is coming from the trap. The trap in question is one like this type...
  8. A

    MDF Bath Panel - Top of Bath Lip

    Hello, I've recently moved into a new build property. I have a bath which is enclosed on both ends by bathroom wall and boxed in section where the soil stack is. I tiled the bathroom floor with porcelain planks (first go at this, turned out quite well!) Of course this raised the bathroom...
  9. C

    Unlined vent and unsecured grille

    Hi, The annex toilet has a fan that vents outside, the grille was stuck on (not really secured anymore) with silicone.. the vent inside is unlined.. it's rough like the outside render. Obviously the grille should be screwed to the wall but should the vent be lined inside with a plastic pipe...
  10. B

    Alternative to Silicon Wood Filler for Door Frame

    We're very nearly at the end of a very tiresome refurb of our downstairs area. As you can see from the photos, our builder has used Silicon wood filler where the floor meets the door-frame and his reasoning is that any hard (setting type) wood filler would crack as you go through a year with the...
  11. K

    What is Mastic ?

    I know what slicone is. But mastic, what is it? How do you define what a mastic is, and why might it be used and not silicone?
  12. S

    Silicone Sealant Saviour

    Dear all, Does anyone know an alternative to silicone sealant (to run around the sides of a bath)? I have now applied on several occasions silicone sealant of varying brands and seemingly none last very long. Either black mould appears, despite being applied very smoothly and neatly, or small...
  13. O

    Removing a toilet siliconed to the wall?

    The flush valve in one of our toilets has broken and I need to replace it. I've done it before and it's not a huge job. Unfortunately, however, the cowboy who installed the toilet has siliconed it to the wall instead of using screws. They also appear to have caulked the gap between the cistern...
  14. Scarophion

    K Rend on a lime mortared house

    Good evening, I've recently moved into a Victorian terrace that was covered in cement rendering for the last 30 years. The builder who removed the rendering recommends that I re-render with K Rend (silicone) instead of lime because, he claims, it is breathable. The K Rend website certainly...
  15. L

    Silicone on painted ceiling

    Hello there, can I please have some advice. I have a tiled bathroom to the ceiling all around. The ceiling is plasterboard, skimmed and painted. I have siliconed all around where the tiles and the ceiling meets. I have painted the ceiling before the tiles went up (might have been where it went...
  16. N

    How to silicone a bath screen

    Hello apologies this is not specifically tile related but it involves sealing my tiled bath and I think many tilers will have the expertise in fitting bath screens and using silicone. I'm half way through fitting a bath screen. This one actually...
  17. C

    Feedback request - design project

    Hi all, I'm currently undertaking a project to redesign the way in which caulk and silicone sealant is packaged due to the unsustainable nature of the rigid cartridges most commonly used. If anyone could spend 5 minutes filling out the survey below it would be greatly appreciated...
  18. C

    Users of caulk/ silicone cartridges - help please!

    Hi all, I'm currently undertaking a project to redesign the way in which caulk and silicone sealant is packaged due to the unsustainable nature of the rigid cartridges most commonly used. If anyone could spend 5 minutes filling out the survey below it would be greatly appreciated...
  19. G

    Tile bath seal failing

    Not sure it this is the best place to post this. I have moved into a 10 year old and the bath seal is failing and leaking. I've tried a temporary fix of applying a thin bead of silicone not ideal but it's still leaking. I don't like these bath seals but I don't want to removed any tiles as the...
  20. Gerrydelasel

    Where to get 100% silicone?

    Does anyone know where I can get 100% silicone? Most selants seem to be quick dry (which is not 100% silicone) or else they don't specify.