A poorly cat.



Our cat was badly hurt on Sunday at some time.

She left the house at 9 am and was hurt between then, and when she was carried home to us at 11.30am.

She has a large wound on her back about 2 inches square. I initially suspected a burn and called the vets to have her looked at.

The vet confirmed a burn and has given her cream and tablets but she cannot move her tail. She it now incontinent and the missus is very worried.

I can only assume a firework, but whatever caused it we are all worried.

Could this be a reaction to her tablets?

She will be back at the vets tomorrow, and Im being up-beat about it all but Im really not sure if she is gonna be ok.

If cats have 9 lives, Im beginning to wonder if ours has used them all up - all before she is 4 years old.

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Cats are very resilient and highly tolerant of pain. If yours is outwardly poorly then the mogg really is poorly. :(
I was not hoping for that response, but I have to agree with it. :(

Ill make sure I take the cat tomorrow, Mrs GSM is a fragile bird.

Lots of cuddles for the cat tonight, the poor thing. :( :( :(

Snuggling up to a p###y sounds a reasonable night seeing as football not on
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Sorry to hear this gsm, just hope some arse hole hasn't been playing with fireworks.

Let us know how she gets on.
I hope your poor pussycat gets well soon mate.

We have a black and white moggy who is now approx 23 yrs old and going strong and a VERY healthy appetite to boot the greedy thing.

Keep us posted.
We,ve had two cats oldest one nearly reached twenty,great companions but too much emotional baggage come the end.
You were in its house on its bed and you wanted the cat put down?
we have two cats ourselves and I know we would be devastated if anything happened to them, and I hope yours is gonna be ok mate.
how am I cruel to cats? it jumped on me and attacked me..
I reacted how anyone would at being roused from sleep in such a manner.. you push off whatever is attacking you..

the incident may have coloured my feelings towards cats after that, I think they are nasty little things that shouldn't be kept as pets..
it's not like you can take one for a walk or keep it in a tank or cage and watch it..
I think they are nasty little things that shouldn't be kept as pets..

This bit is about the only part of your post that rings true. The rest is blarney, absolute tosh.

A cat will not attack a sleeping human. It may want warmth and that will mean maybe kneading its paws. If this is what you deemed as an attack then you are a pussycat yourself. :rolleyes:
so maybe I moved in my sleep and startled it, or maybe I cuddled up to it and squezzed it too tight...
all I know is that it clawing at and biting me was the first I was aware of it..
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