A poorly cat.

how am I cruel to cats? it jumped on me and attacked me..
I reacted how anyone would at being roused from sleep in such a manner.. you push off whatever is attacking you..

the incident may have coloured my feelings towards cats after that, I think they are nasty little things that shouldn't be kept as pets..
it's not like you can take one for a walk or keep it in a tank or cage and watch it..
So all cats are the same? I feel very sorry for you with your attitude problem.
How do you know you didn't upset the cat when you were drunk?
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i saw a funny thing the other day,a cat jumped over our fence did a crap then dug a hole then buried it........
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Paul I have misjudged you, anyone who shows concern for animals can't be all bad.
I hope your cat makes a speedy and complete recovery, by the same token I hope the ones who caused the distress and injury get whats comming.
Anyone heard anything from Paul? I expected him to come on and update us. The fact that he hasn't is starting to make me think it may have been bad news and/or the poor cat didn't do so well through the night. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Thanks to all who have showed concern. Ive only just re-visited this topic after the night I posted it.

Not sure why all the bickering, and how its turned into 3 pages. I know certain members dont like me and have 'ignored' me. If you have, then keep ignoring me, and dont post.

As for the cat..... no feeling in tail or sphincter (arse as far as I know). More tablets and injections. Housebound for 1 month to see if the feeling returns to either or both. Tail has possibly a broken bone, but it will be x-rayed if the incontinence stops. If it does not regain feeling, it can be amputated and the cat can carry on as normal(ish).

If she cant control the bowels after a month, then we must consider putting her to sleep as quality of life will be so poor.

Wound is healing slowly but of no concern to the vets at the moment.

Thanks GSM,
we'll keep our fingers crossed for her.

PS Ignore the bitchy posts, some have even been removed.
Thanks GSM,
we'll keep our fingers crossed for her.

PS Ignore the **** posts, some have even been removed.
You see, that's what I like about conny, he mentions the knackers but he's able to ignore them. I need some lessons in that skill!
I'm another one who is keeping my fingers crossed for you and your cat. Cats can be remarkably resilient, and surprise you by bouncing back.

Sounds like you are doing everything you can for your cat, you can only do your best for her.

Hope all goes well, and please keep us informed.

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