A poorly cat.

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Im am immune to your attitude though.

Well said Paul.

Any how, s*d the anti pet brigade, and hope your pet gets better soon.

I feel sorry for those people that have been deprived of the joy from owning and caring for dogs, cats or any other domesticated pets/companions.
Can I ask why my post was removed?

I only posted responses to righid's post.

That did not break any forum rules.

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and yet the comment by people about my post that was removed are still there, and still contain quotes from the post that was removed..
so why remove the original without removing the part quotes from it?
remove ANY post that quotes the removed post or don't bother to remove it in the first place..

besides my post wasn't abusive and as this is a GD forum, NO post is helpfull..
as this is a GD forum, NO post is helpfull..

Personally, I disagree. Some members have been very helpful.

It appears that a Mod has given you a chance to complain about "your unpleasant posts". Does that tell you something?

For all concerned, the cat is still very poorly, but making a slow but steady recovery. Its a waiting game now Im afraid, so Ill re-post in 2-3 weeks when the situation will change.


I don't think that I've been treated badly, and if one of the mods took offence at a post I made and removed it, then that's up to them..

However, in light of MOD 4's post above about removing posts with quotes of other removed posts, I pointed out that there are still posts on this thread with quotes from the post of mine that was removed..
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