A poorly cat.

The cat will be 'put down' on Monday

The injury has been too much for her to bear. She did 'rally' initially but things have got worse.

Thanks for all encouragement.

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Very sorry to hear that Gassafe. It's one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. Unfortunately I have been there several times myself with mine over the years.

The only consolations are that you did everything in your power to help your cat, and undoubtably in the time you owned her she had a great home where she was wanted.

Sorry it couldn't have turned out differently. My thoughts are with you.

Jeepers Paul, that's very sad. Well done for putting the cat's best interests first.
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very sad to hear that, anyone without a pet will say its only a pet, but once you have a pet they become part of your family
I'm very sorry, it's never easy with pets, done the same thing to my cat, you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes so no more suffering and it is very difficult, my thoughts are with you.
Sorry also. My cat is knocking on and I am dreading the enevitable. :(

What do people do with their dead pets these days? I would not like to bury it in my garden. :(
What do people do with their dead pets these days? I would not like to bury it in my garden. :(
I have because I feel I know where it is, not sure what happened when taken to the vet
I would not like to bury it in my garden

Would you not rather have it buried in your garden as opposed to tossed into an incenerator?
So sorry to hear this Paul.
As has been said, pets become a part of your family and it hurts to have to let them go but you are doing the right thing. With regards to afterwards we had our Ben, (King Charles Spaniel), cremated and his ashes are in a little casket with his picture at the side on the telly stand in the bedroom. Nothing morbid, we just want to keep his memory with us. Our 2 eldest grand kids know who the 'little doggie' is and if we see one like him when we are out they point it out saying, "that looks like your Ben."
So sorry to hear the sad news, but you can't let suffering continue, you are doing the right thing even though it hurts.

So sorry, Paul.

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