EU being spiteful again?

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the French

French ;) Macron ;)

Macron and the French

(French / Macron ;))

I can understand your hatred of the French, having had the influence of at least three close relatives who were Austrian Nazis.
But you need to let your hatred go. It's obviously eating you up.
Mind you, at least you're giving the Romanians, the Chinese and the Iranians a rest.
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I Posted a link that referenced the Italian medicines authority director general stating the move was political, why would I provide an explanation behind the Italians thought process.
And it wasn't a claim, it was a quoted fact.
Clearly you don't read your own links:
Some U.K. critics are therefore concluding that the suspension must be political
From your link.
But you siad:
Italy have conceded that their decision to ban the Astra vaccine was 'political'.

Psychiatrist, "Nurse! Fillyboy has agreed to spend some time in the secure unit, bring some security with you!"
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Not open for further replies.
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