Intergas...but which...

Funnily enough - just had this email from a lady coming up to her first annual service having spent a year with an Eco RF24, Honeywell Round thermostat that replaced her ideal Classic...
For Gods sake man, get a grip. Anything would be better than an on-off Ideal Classic. That is one up from the coal scuttle. Our one-boiler-wonder is now sees many people. Clear signs of mental disintegration. Sad viewing indeed. Get it sorted man. Get it sorted, before it is too late. He will be in a home next frothing and babbling, `Intergas, Intergas, 13 litres a minute`.
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You fool - the Classic was one of the best boilers ever made! :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
Yep our one-boiler-wonder, that cast-iron heat X with 6 inch thick walls with on-off controls. Fantastic eh! Small water capacity, fully pumped, copper heat exchangers first came out in the 1960s. Imported of course. The Classic was one up from a coal scuttle. I would have rather had the modulating gas controls using the Gas Relay Valve. You know the one you have never heard of. Get a grip man, get a grip of yourself. You are frigging sums about DHW delivery. Get a grip.
Which Intergas does 40kW to hot water? You seem a bit stuck on this simple fact?
Mr one-boiler-wonder, Intergas have a burner in one of their boxes that gives 40kW, yet the box delivers 13 litres per minute of DHW. A con! Appalling performance. Appalling.
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Mr one-boiler-wonder, a combi that can give 40kW into the CH and only gives 13 litres per minutes DHW is not a particularly good combi in design. It is not rocket science to figure out. But your obsession with this Intergas maker comes out. You are now telling yourself lies and believing them. Now stop frothing at the mouth. Wipe it off.
So they are not oversold as long as a high flow rate model is fitted.
A high flow model is a high heat output model, which then has to modulate down to a far lower level when only space heating is required. Modulating the burmer is easy, designing a heat exchanger that has acceptable efficiency over the modulation range is not easy. ( actually it is very easy it is but such an exchanger / burner combination would be too expensive for the domestic market.

A gravity tank & cylinder could only deliver around 16 litres min anyhow.
With a two metre head ( tap to water lever in cistern ) my bath hot tap flow is 11.5 litre per minute ( measured ) which is more than adequate. 16 litres a minute would be too fast

From a casual comment in a mail from aquaintance who once worked in the gas distribution industry. ( paraphrased )

Too much reliance on instant gas heated hot water [ housing estates ] is creating peak demands for gas that may require more upgrading of the distribution system.

We were discussing the inconvenience of road works when gas mains to a developing science park were enlarged.
Town gas was at half the pressure we have now. The distribution and installation pipes had to be larger to deliver more gas to an appliance. They had to deliver a `guaranteed 212 cu foot/hr (6 cu metres/hr) to each home. Then you could get around 30Kw out of a U6 gas meter. Flats with Ascot multi-points, a gas fire and cooker needed 250 cu ft/hr meters or sometimes 350 cu ft/hr meters. 350 cu ft/hr meters were common in 4-5 bedroomed homes with CH boilers. Natural gas standardised on the 212/U6 meter and above that, the U16. Town gas needed lots of meters sizes.

It has gone backwards. The gas industry has not kept up - not spending. How they can get away with it for now is upping the pressures on the distribution system, hoping the meter regulators will drop it adequately. The way forward is instant hot water with higher kW appliances, and has been for 20-30 years. In the 1950/60s it was also instant hot water as the Ascots were very popular. Whole housing estates and tower blocks had them.
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Wow.....erm.....I forgot about this thread.....diynot gave up giving me notifications. Nearly a year later ......and after a few days..and some strong coffee..I managed to get to the end....

Well, I do have an update.....

After all this, my brother just went with what is builders installer normally installed.....which was a Vaillant.....

He did contact someone who was trained and on the intergas website as a registered installer, but the guy seemed surprised someone was actually asking about intergas. He said he did the installation course and had maybe installed once since.

Anyway, the stress of renovations and building works meant that he felt it easier to go with whatever the builders contact installed. He seems happy for now, and it is chugging away fine.

I still have not decided on mine. My Glowworm will be having it's 40th birthdays soon. This year may be it's final service.

I despise a lot of the combis I have experienced. I have not been to a single house with a combi that comes close to matching the performance of my gravity fed system in terms of flow rate and responsiveness. So I really want to make a well informed choice. Is I refuse to put up with the poor performance of one.

I am seriously considering a system boiler and hot water tank. But, for now I shall continue to do my research and keep an eye out for installers. As people have said, a good installer is probably worth more than a great boiler. There does seem to be a lack of experienced intergas installers around here.
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Go for an Intergas Rapid.

But you did such a good job extolling the benefits of a Ferroli Modena 38C. Although that is probably oversized/powered for a small/medium house. Unless the modulation range makes that argument less valid.
The ferroli is the cheaper option. Still good with a superior flow rate.

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