Is PTFE safe on a cooker?

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I just use dental floss & pass it of as Loctite 55. I spoke to GS & they said it's just the same stuff.
Everyday's a Skool Day!!
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I've ran out of " gas " ptfe before and used normal ,,,,, ooops ,,,, hope I don't get busted by the ptfe police,,,, ffs
Oh, I do miss the old Town Gas!!
The evenings spent totally out of my tree, just for the cost of a bottle of milk & a handy gas light with the mantel removed.

I'm sure it's the endless hours intoxicated by this concoction that's keeping the 'Old Timers' at bay in my twilight years.
When with BG and grid got called out to loads of leaks when joints had gone loose by people using the sh#te thin wrong ptfe lasts a few years then pishes out
Is anyone still using PTFE anymore?

I have rolls of the stuff but never use it.

Loctite 55 pretty much every time now. Touch wood I have yet to have a leak or even a weep with it on gas or water.

yep never use thin stuff i always use the gas stuff for everything im a dinosuar ;)
God do I feel old I can remember when ptfe came first came out,All the old lads said won't feckin last 5 minutes and here we are with two thicknesses to choose from are we spoiled or what and fireman I do remember coal gas was very moist some days wet as an otters pocket.Bob
which is why you have the term wet meters still used by pensioners cause the gas meter needed emptying of water
There was only one type of PTFE years ago which was used for gas and water...roll on 30 years and we have PTFE for gas and another one for water...the original PTFE used on gas and water was thicker than the gas tape we have today.
Normal PTFE is fine on gas as long as it's applied correctly.

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