15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Something positive this time.

Saw a shoplifter leaving my shop today (a known theif, didnt see him enter or take anything so couldnt confront him at the time, but a check of cctv revealed all).

Phoned call centre for S.Yorks Police. Asked for communications dept.

Gave a description on the phone, woman then said we've despatched officers to the area, they will be there shortly.

Sure enough, 2 mins later 3 police cars went past the shop.

2 mins later one returned to look at the CCTV of him. She recognised him straight away and circulated his name to her nearby colleagues. One of them radio'd back to say thats who he thought it was from the description I gave. How good am i :LOL:

She then went to his house to lock him up, but he wasnt home. Theory was he had gone straight to the dealers with the stolen shampoo.

But at least they had the vision to turn out in force today, instead of taking a statement 3 days later . . .

When the PC returned she told us if he returns, we've to call 999 and report a wanted person in the store.
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A pun is the lowest form of humor, unless you thought of it yourself.
Doug Larson
When the old bill asked him to come down the station did he say he couldn't cos he was washing his hair tonight?
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