RIP my beloved punto

Sure why not?

It is the 400th anniversary after all.
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I did read that due to lower standards of nutrition, 1000 years ago all but the best-nourished women would only have airbags whilst nursing.

It didn't say when they started having airbags as standard, however, during the time of Elizabeth I it was fashionable for a lady to have black teeth as a sign of how much sugar she ate (and thus how wealthy she was). Elizabeth died 402 years ago, therefore if we assume the age of the airbag coincides with an age in which calorific intake vastly increased, then it has actually been at least 402 years since the introduction of airbags.

So there you go. Boobs.
If one is rich enough, one could afford Jordan and Pammy S as airbags in the motor .. detachable for other purposes of course... :D :)
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Imagination dear boy ..imaginaaation .. :eek: :eek:
glad to hear you an your family were ok ... that I think is more important than the car ...
when you get a price for the car make sure you use a good good car traders guide like ,Glass’s Motoring Guide as their insurers will try to offer a lot less than the cars worth,
and even your insurers will be in cahoots with the other insurers for you to accept a smaller payoff ,as they work these claims out on a mutual basis ...
for example their loss assessors will offer ex amount on this case an accept less for their clients on another against your insurers ...too them its all "swings an roundabouts "
I looked at the "parkers guide" online, but i used the free bit and it gave me the same valuations for buying and selling. What are the prices quoted on here? Is this what i'd get if i sold, or what i should expect to pay for second hand?
parkers guide online said:
Fiat Punto Hatchback
1.2 3d 2002/02
Insurance Group 4 (get a quote)
Average mileage: 30,000 miles
Cost New ('02) £ 7522
Franchised Dealer £ 2945
Independent Dealer £ 2705
Private Good £ 2540
Private Poor £ 2065
Part Exchange £ 2280
any thoughts??? or should i just go out and buy the book?!!!!
Well, they're always good for wobbling your face between.

I've seen two accidents in the last 3 days, both little ones. The first one was where someone came out of a sideroad and the car behind him tried to come out a bit quicker :LOL: BANG!

Then today, at lunchtime, I watched, agog, as someone reversed SMACK into the car behind him, also with a driver watching agog.

Now, people are meant to be impatient drivers when it is hot, so are people dopey drivers when autumn sets in? 2 crashes in 3 days (which is 1 crash every 12 miles!), and in the last 3 weeks I know 2 people who've had their cars driven into from behind. And today my brother's motorcycle panier was clipped by some gimp in a Transit (thankfully not hard enough to cause more than paint loss).

Perhaps our resident ex-copper can tell us, are there more accidents in October? Are we going into hybernation?
ohmygodwhathaveyoudone said:
might have something to do with the light or lack of it,people only seem to think they need there lights on when its pitch black.
i noticed this, an alarming number of cars without lights on, or just sidelights on in pitch black.
crafty1289 said:
Last night

country lane

Approaching a junction

and it was wet on the road

no need to slow down.

Mmm, live and learn...
what you do is look at this part

"Private Good £ 2540
Private Poor £ 2065
Part Exchange £ 2280 "

if you were selling or buying from/to Joe Blogs...

this is the price guide ....if it was in Good nick it was worth =£ 2540

be-aware that motor loss assessors are using the the Glass Car guide (what all traders use )....
most good newsagents have these an if you pop into a WHSmith you can quickly scan the info you need ,

your insurers will offer you something like £2000 ,tell them its not acceptable await a further offer , if its something like £2500 accept it as your car is losing appeciation each month an the insurers Know this ...
hope this helps an keep us informed how you do ! ;)
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