the good news is............

securespark said:
However, my wife reminded me that whatever your position, there always seems to be somebody in the world who is worse off. It sounds awful putting it like that, doesn't it?!
To quote Fawlty Towers again . . .

Irish builder - "Remember Mr Fawlty, there's always somebody in the world who is worse off than yourself"
Basil Fawlty: "Oh really? I'd like to meet him, I could do with a laugh!"

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WoodYouLike said:
My good news of the week was finding my article, well more an open letter (criticizing brand manufacturers about a certain practice) published in one of the trade-magazines as: Star Letter of the month ;)

Did you include a dictionary ??

:D :D :D :D
Can somebody point me in the right direction of a smiley that can stick out it's tongue? :evil: :evil:

(Thanks empip, as always)
Maybe not good news as such but certainly funny:

On sky news website today "Police on trail of Buffalo"

A story about six water Buffalo that have gone missing, believed stolen from a farm in the new Forest. They weigh 1,800 pounds and are normally placid but if startled can spray dung over long distances especially if startled from behind

I would just love to see one of those in action. The ideal pet, keep it in the garden and when the neighbours annoy just point it over the fence and clap your hands.... .....splat
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Blimey Secure, was that caused by the sight of tax, NI and superficial stoppages on the old payslip??
Can be quite traumatic for the ex self employed... :( :(
WoodYouLike said:
Can somebody point me in the right direction of a smiley that can stick out it's tongue? :evil: :evil:

(Thanks empip, as always)

Graag gedaan.

Tongue? Alstublieft !! ;)
:D :D
well if you are after ONLY Good News Like the yank media shows ...
Here Goes ...

I can still get a mighty hard Erection

last summer when I went to the Docs about my diabetes ,
he said I would not get many more as the blood supply in the penis gets blocked ... :( :(

was then very down even tried the the old V tabs ,
( saw no better improvement with them ,lol)
although have never had a problem ,

(I have abused my body with a Full lifestyle , booze /pills /cr*p food )

I think it was julie L/B telling me here that not all diabetics are impotent,of course when I asked her about it then , told her it was for a friend of a friend ,lol

I can thankfully say ,
I can stand proud as I did as when a teen still, lol

thats GOOD NEWS ..Surely !!

it is for me an the wife,
her especially ,
a she has got more sexual ,
very horny she is ...
shes in her prime now ... (THANk THE LORD !!!)
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