15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
I'm sat here, regretting what I said to my dentist 2 months ago. He discovered I needed a filling replacing at a yearly checkup. He said "oh I can do it now if you want" I said "no, I have work this afternoon". It was a lie.

So the day has arrived, and Im not looking forward to it! I wish I had let him do it then, then theres no anticipation! I once fainted in the dentist waiting room, wasnt even having anything done! Though that was a one-off.

And I have to go alone. Its a 15 min appointment, but it seems an eternity when your laid there with a half numb face! I wouldnt mind, but I've had worse than this done! Had teeth pulled, braces in, impressions taken, yet a filling fills me with dread!

Think of me at 3:20 :(

Oh, and how do they expect you to rinse your mouth out when half of its numb???? Morons. Could bloody choke someone doing that! :LOL:
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close your eyes and breathe steadily.
How much is that costing you to have done, I have a filling to be re-done soon, £63! :rolleyes: At least as its private I won't feel a thing! :D
Well they made me pay in advance, it was £45 for checkup and filling, on NHS.

fmt, do private dentists have better anaesthetic, or are you referring to the cost being covered by a private plan?
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I recommend this guy

No I don't have a plan, its £63 just for a filling and about £45 just for a check-up when I went. I used to have an NHS dentist until I let it lapse and they struck me off but he was rubbish, he rushed, gave useless advice, had no time and was downright careless, all in all made going to the dentist very unpleasant. My new dentist is the complete opposite, I've had 2 fillings with her (OOH'ER!) and have yet to even feel a needle go in! I don't relish it but its so much better than NHS. Not cheap though. Thats just my own experience though.
I've never had a problem with this dentist. He's professional, and always makes time to chat, asks me how works going etc. I've been registered since i was a mere child! Only one other man has been in my mouth ( :eek: ) that was a bloke at the hospital who was assessing me for going under the knife - i had a small tooth growing in my gum behind the top front teeth, making them stick out. Had that removed under general (woke up with blood round my chops - they didnt bother cleaning me up!), and stitches in my mouth. Dissolvable though. Only had soup for 3 weeks. Then I had a brace. I got a very nice feeling pulling the last stitch out - it went under one of the teeth, loose at both ends, could feel it going through :LOL: :evil:

My orthodontic treatment started when I was in sixth form, so was free ;)
I'm baaack!!!

Mouths numb, cant swallow, drooling, hair a mess, :LOL:

He put the filling in, then he said bite together. I did and it felt awful, so he lopped a bit off. It still felt awful so he told me its probably the anaesthetic, cos all my teeth feel awful lol :LOL:

I like that little drill he uses - its ok, cant feel it. Then he gets that bloody big black and decker SDS drill out, that vibrates the whole room when it touches a tooth! :(
Drill n fill = £££

My dentist tried that "oh looks like one of your fillings needs replacing" BS

I replied "nope it seems fine to me" and left..

I have a mouth full of fillings from my youth and have only ever had one dentist I would trust since. I remember seeing a panorama years and years ago called 'drilling for gold' THAT's WHEN THE PENNY DROPPED!!

Bunch of bandits who drive nice cars, work a 4 day week, expensive holidays and big houses.. crims the lot of 'em


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