Specialised van parking

Five builders living in the house next to you.
Five builders living across the road.
Every one of these builders has a van.
All legal.

I'd be interested to know how you'd feel, night after night, coming home from work, not being able to park.

I'd have the hump.
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I can see where your coming from.
That sort of thing does exist, but they have one van :D
The above was the immigrant thing.

If 5 builders lived across the road and they as I said were all taxed and insured, then what is the issue.
One house across the road has a father, mother 3 daughters and 2 sons. All have a car.
They pay more and rightly so for their permits.
I used to have a van 2 cars and 4 motorbikes. All legal, so I cannot see the point.
Shall we do as the Chinese did and limit families to one child and a shared push bike?
We have a new Mosque being finished off up the road.
God knows ( Pun not intended), what will happen at prayer times.
Do we complain or put up with it? All planning permissions were sought and approved.
Hopefully it will be amicable for all.
There are two churches of each faith within a stones throw also. Sundays can be busy, and although not that way inclined have had to attend a few services recently for some missed departed. Each time the roads were full of parked cars/ All as far as I know legal and paying day tickets. Or with some visitors permits we are allowed to purchase.

So, not going to be annoyed of all is above board.
Really the argument you present is not valid in those circumstances.

Error, Sundays are free, the weekday services require pay and display.
The OP still sounds a knob.

No. AdamW was a top fella and a popular contributor for a long time.

He seemed to disappear rather abruptly and we did wonder if something had happened to him.
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I apologize for the generalization there.
He may well have been a respected contributer, I have only made my comment on this particular subject.

As he has gone and cannot reply to this I again say this was a comment on one item and not a sign of disrespect in general.

Thank you for pointing this out as others may have read into my comments differently.
Talk about throwing a double curve ball. :LOL:
Don't even mention mosques having north London roads closed at the taxpayers expense on a Friday.
Do parking fee's or etiquette come into play there then.
No they F*cking don't. :LOL:

Anyway ........... so you would be happy not being able to park outside your own home, as long as the huge numbers of builders were legal. Fine

All I was saying was i'd have the hump.
It will be inconvenient I agree.
Not seen road closures here, so cannot comment.

There are more cars and vans on the road more than ever.
Sometimes it can take a hour or more for me to find a parking space to work. That is in the west end / City.
Rather difficult when your supposed to be there at a certain time.
What would you suggest?
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