What was the most dramatic thing that happened at your school?

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While I was there, a lad in our class stepped out of a first floor window and fell 30 feet to the grass lawn below. Broke both legs.
He apparently took an LSD tab during lunch. Put me off the idea of taking drugs so I suppose it did some good.
The master took his thumb off with the circular saw during my woodwork lesson. Very messy !
When I was 15 this person claimed she had her money stolen in a ??? lesson and their mother had given them the money to get shopping on the way back home. They searched us all bar one who refused to be searched until the threat of police ad head and deputy head turned up. The next day an apology from the person that claimed the money was stolen as they had made a mistake and left the money at their home. Credit to the person owning up as many may have been too scared to admit it after the drama.
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I could tell a few stories but if the school saw them, I would be in legal trouble..... That's why I deleted what little I started to post.
Some one brought a live grenade into school, bomb disposal detonated it on the playing field and one of the school pigs died of a suspected heart attack
The PE teachers got in a fight. One was an idiot and called the other a Scottish ****, or something.

A kid somehow got on to the roof of upper school once, and was going to throw himself off. Somebody talked him down. No idea how he got up there.

That's about it I think. I think a history teacher demonstrated a musket once, and fired it towards some houses accidentally. Nobody mentioned that.
We had a 13yo lad die from glue sniffing one lunchtime. Oh, and someone took a sh!t on the deputy heads car bonnet.
Handed my home work in on time once , certainly
Oh, and someone took a sh!t on the deputy heads car bonnet.
My mate done a shyte right across the headmasters phone receiver , thank christ no dna in them days
Actually, that reminds me of a story I CAN tell.

There was a kid at school who was scat obsessed. He shat in a jar and put it in the teacher's cupboard.
His next one was into a commercial foodmixer with minced beef which was used to make the rissoles for the evening meal.......:eek:
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