1. C

    8xp jumper.

    Hi Sorry.. I'm struggling to find info on the 8xp jumper. There isnt any labels on the pcb. Or correct pcb layout in the manual.. its hardware revision 5. The only info on jumpers on expanders is that it's a star or daisy. But as I say it's not labelled. Cheers
  2. P

    Texecom change time on Connect App

    This is an odd one but a real problem for us. How do I change the time in the App? I'm helping a friend in another country and now all his Login and Contact sensor notification and email alerts are based on the time in my country! I have tried to change the time on my phone to his and login...
  3. P

    Texecom Elite Panel Setup

    Hi I recently resurrected a thread https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/texecom-premier-elite-dreaded-no-ats-available.552302/page-3#post-4885561 as I had a similar problem. Per that thread I had no success in fixing the problem and asked a professional to come and re-programme. They visited last...
  4. B

    Texecom Smartcom Tamper Alert

    Hello, Been using these forums as a guest for quite a while and really appreciate all the advice. I have a Texecom Premier Elite System (64-w) installed and triggered a tamper alert from the Smartcom unit as I opened the cover whilst rerouting the ethernet cable and not being logged in in...
  5. J

    Texecom Monitoring

    Hello, Are there any known ways of monitoring a Texecom Premier Elite system. We have existing monitoring systems that we would like to integrate our alarm system into. I know we can do basic monitoring with some aux outputs based on events but we would like to be a little more granular so we...
  6. S

    Texecom 24hrs perimeter arm

    Hi everyone First of all a big thanks to Breezer and securiam, you guys seem to the most prolific contributers on the security forums and some of your answers have helped me enormously already. The long and short of it is that i installed my smart com and premier elite 48 wireless and a...
  7. A

    Flash Upgrading Texecom Elite 48 - W

    Hi All, I'm Having a bit of an issue with flash upgrading a Text Premier Elite 48 - w its running Software revision 3.08 I need to flash it as im installing a Smartcom onto the system and won't work on Version 3, THE FLASH UPGRADER KEEPS CRASHING!!! I've done all the correct procedures ie take...
  8. D

    Texecom PIR EOL confirmation

    Hello all, as you may be aware from my other posts, I've been upgrading an old G3 alarm system using the installed wiring but all new components and have installing a Texecom Premier Elite 24 using Texecom Premier Elite Compact PIRs (and some other stuff). This post is specific to the PIRs...
  9. D

    Texecom programming omit issue

    Hi, having installed a new Texecom Premier and got it all working (thanks to help from this forum) I've now got another issue which I'm sure is a programming one. My Zone 3 is a loop of upstairs window contacts (no tamper) which are programmed as normally closed. The circuit works perfectly...
  10. D

    Texecom SmartCom - JP1 & JP2 bit

    Hi all, I did search for this without success. I just installed a SmartCom (all working really simple) but have a bit left over! See below. As the SmartCom is all working I was wondering what this bit is for. I'm sure it's useful else it wouldn't have been included in the SmartCom box...
  11. M

    Texecom Premier Wireless Keypad

    Hi everyone I’ve recently bought and commissioned a Texecom Premier Ricochet kit with a wireless keypad and saw on another forum that the keypad can be taken out of power saving mode? Currently to use a prox tag I have to wake the keypad up first which is a little annoying so any help is...
  12. M

    Texecom Premier Elite Quick Set

    Hi everyone Recently installed a Texecom Premier Elite Ricochet system, previously always fitted Galaxy panels where you can quick set by pressing A) Is there a way of enabling this on the premier panel so the user doesn’t have to enter their code to set the panel? Many thanks in advance Matt
  13. D

    Premier elite 24 Day 1 problems!

    Hi, looking for some advice / help... have finally finished installing a Premier Elite 24 (poly) with texecom keypad, odyssey x-be bell box and just 4 zones (2 mag & 2 pir). powered it all up today and keypad and bell box all initially did as I was expecting but I can’t seem to get into...
  14. G

    Texecom Elite 24 and Internal Speaker issue

    Hi all, First post! Firstly thanks for all the advice people have previously posted on here, it has been incredibly helpful in the past! I have just installed my first Texecom Elite 24. All appears to be working fine, however I am having an issue when installing internal extension speakers! I...
  15. N

    Texecom Premier Elite - tamper alarm on external sounder

    I have an issue with a tamper alarm on my wireless external sounder. Yesterday in the middle of the day the alarm went off on the keypad whilst alarm not set. After silencing it it told me I had a tamper alarm on the external sounder. After resetting it happened again at about 9pm. I checked...
  16. SithLordHood

    Texecom Zone Chime Options

    In Wintex i have an option for each zone to configure a chime tone. There are 4 options, silent and chime tone 1,2 &3 no matter which of the three chimes i select the keypad and alarm unit only ever chime the same tones. Are the three different chime settings suppose to omit a different tone?
  17. A

    Texecom RKP zones just not working

    Hi folks, I have a Texecom Premier 24 panel that i put in a few years ago and am now adding a second wired RKP for the garage - with a Premier PIR and a CQR 517 magnetic door contact to install. Can anyone advise how to wire these into the RKP's zones to pass through? I just can't get them...
  18. SithLordHood

    Texecom Prem Elite - Codes & Tag query

    Hi, I am trying to set my Texecom Premiere Elite so that i can use the tag to set the alarm but the alarm can only be unset by entering a valid user code (not via a tag). I have a key box nearby the alarm panel where everyones keys are stored, each persons keys has their own tab for the alarm...
  19. B

    Texecom Smartcom Setup Issues

    Hi All, Starting a new thread after reading people experiencing similar issues to those described here: https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/texecom-connect-smartcom-problem.523131/page-2#post-4629270 After some building works which included powering off the texecom for a couple of months and...
  20. J

    Problem Arming Failed Alarm

    Premier Elite 88 Premier Elite AMQD Having an intermittent problem with arming. It seems to be linked to the zone that looks towards the keypad and one of the entrance doors. The zone in question is set to Guard/Access. Any ideas why this setup could be causing the arming problems? Thanks