More on Roma folk

Not sure which bit your referring too, do you mean the comments about white people?

Tell me, what do you do when it's your leaders who are the narrow thinkers?
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When i say the word narrow thinkers i'm not saying it in an insulting way but as a factual way of saying that a person is preoccupied so much with their own life that they don't see the whole picture, for instance what effect has having a few refugees made to your lifestyle? do you still live comfortably? now look at the benefit given to those that almost met with their maker, they are allowed to make a new life here and benefit the country in doing so.
How do know that you aren't the narrow thinker rather than me? I think you are obsessed to the extent you believe you can't be wrong. You mentioned facts, but where are they?

Rather than saying how they effect my lifestyle tell me of any benefits to our own poor and homeless?

I have clearly given my reasons why I want no more foreigners coming into this country. All you are doing is trying to play on our consciences.

There are millions of sick, hungry and persecuted around the world, do you want all of them? What limit would you set?
Again you misunderstand! I realise that it is impossible to help everyone and i did say earlier in a posting that one has to prioritise and help the one's that need immediate help, The narrowness comes in with statements like There are enough foreigners in this country! What do you term as a Foreigner?
Also i stated before that the government are right in helping where they can those more unfortunate.
The facts are there for you to see if you open your eyes, At work we have several "foreigners" who have brought skills, knowledge and above all Hard Work to the company.
If i am honest, these "foreigners" are not frightened to buckle down and work hard unlike some of the "natural borns" i work with.
You seem to pick up only on negatives without giving a balanced view where i admitted that there are individuals that take advantage and they should be stopped but you musn't Tar everyone with the same brush!
Another thing, what makes you think this is YOUR country and yours alone anyway? You need to move out of the dark Ages and into the new Multicultural Society we live in today.
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I am going away today and can't reply till Jan 12, I feel guilty really, it is wrong that I may be enjoying myself when I could help you and richardp save the world.

In the meantime have a look at this, for giving and taking.
This is foreigners proptesting against our freedom of choice. They used racial and religeous reasons in the protest. In other words abused and ignored the liberal laws which let them come in the first place.

Pay particular note to the MP's comment at the end.
Enjoy your holiday and boy have you got it wrong about myself wanting to save the world! I merely can't understand why people just cant try to live in harmony.