More on Roma folk

david and julie thanks for quoting me so much, I notice you missed out some of the post tho like this bit "also we don't seen to be as narrow minded and bigoted as some other places which is nice makes me feel proud" te he!! bet you agree wiv that NOT.
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I still believe that, (my reckoning) 98% of the population, any race, any creed, are fine. The majority of people are okay - they just don't make the news. The rest, that 2% make the noise and the news at least 75% of the time. My elderly aunt used to say how the newspapers were full of bad things - there is no room for the good things, and they don't sell newspapers.
Things were probably quite all right for Adam, until Eve arrived; it's been building since then.
2000 years ago some chap made a lot of noise about the intolerance of man, thanks to him, i'm not working next weekend, but my goodness, there's still a terrific lot of disagreement about.
planenut said:
there's still a terrific lot of disagreement about.

Oh no there isn't!

(Oh yes there is!)

Well, it is panto season after all.
No richard I do not agree with this at all.
david and julie thanks for quoting me so much, I notice you missed out some of the post tho like this bit "also we don't seen to be as narrow minded and bigoted as some other places which is nice makes me feel proud" te he!! bet you agree wiv that NOT.

By saying we (in the part I have highlighted)you are including me too. You can't do that because my views have not been sought. Furthermore why am I, or anyone with similar views, being bigotted anyway?

As for quoting you, what do you expect with comments like these.
do you really think that these people want to leave their homes and family to come to a strange land were their treated with distrust and hatred, they must be really deperate.

reads like a forum for the national front, surely we should welcome these people from less fortunate backgrounds we are after all a civilised society and have set higher standards for ourselves.

There are no racial problems in GB to talk of and yet we have all this PC nonsense causing trouble. We now have a race relations industry and it is in their interests to create problems which don't exist. Why do you think the above legitimate political parties are thriving?

I do not wish to be rude but you need to see things from both sides, there is a growing resentment amongst the general public which is being ignored. Have you ever heard the remark "when in Rome" should that not apply here too. Our own culture is being changed to suit, which is not the way it should work.

If I moved to another country(any country) I wouldn't expect(or get) them to change to suit me.
BTW I have not replied to this cos I no understand your lingo!
bet you agree wiv that NOT.
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Q. What do tupperware and a walrus have in common?
A. They both like a tight seal

Q. If the dove is the bird of peace what is the bird of true love?
A. The swallow

Lighten up lads .. Its Christmas !!
Texmex also said.
I have to admit, that the majority of crimes in the area seem to be perpetuated by the British majority. Mainly wanton vandalism, and TWOCing.
Another racist comment, unless you have figures to back it up.
My wife and I have been victim to the following catalogue of injustices
1 For Escort Stollen and written of by Arson
(All 3 Boys Responsibile were British)
1 Ford Orion Stollen and written of by Arson
(The Same 3 Boys Responsible were still British)
1 Vauxhall Caviallier Stollen and written off in a collision
(Both the 2 Boys involved were British)
1 Toyotta MR2 Stolen, Never recovered
(Perpetrators Unknown)
1 Ford Granada, Door Bent, Steering Column Damaged during attempted theft.
( Just 1 Boy acting alone. he was British)
1 Ford Escort. Rear Windscreen smashed
(Just 1 Boy acting alone, he was British)
1 Talbot Horizon Both wing mirrors broken off
(Just 1 Boy acting alone, he was British)
1 Saab 900 Rear Screen smashed
(Just 1 Boy acting alone, he was British)
1 Bathroom Window smashed
(Just 1 Boy acting alone, he was British)
Garage Roof Broken and invaded, causing damage to Ford Sierra.
(Three Boys Responsible, all were British)

Most of our neighbours could quote you a similar list.
You do the maths! Obviously I don't know about all crimes in the area, but from my experience, most crimes in the area certainly seem to be perpetuated by the British majority.

What is the relevance of the Irish comment?
Why call it an "Irish comment". Have I said anything derogatory about his Irish Neighbours. NO! nor would I, they are exemplory neighbours I just mention it, as an admission that, my step son is not the ONLY non moslem in the area. (yeah, sure you can get Irish Moslems) but since I was only quoting the FACT that his neighbours were Irish. I can't see any racist connotations to it.

Are you saying a large foreign presence works in one area but not another?
At last you have understood at least one point that I did make :)[/quote]
Now, you said earlier that you live in a predominantly non-white area. Surely people aren't going to commit senseless vandalism and crime where they are well-known and easily identified? Perhaps they see you as contrary to their ideas (assuming you are white), by living amongst non-whites. Maybe they are fascist b*stards?

Perhaps if you spoke to someone living in a predominantly white area, these crimes would have been committed by non-whites. I dunno, maybe there isn't any link whatsoever and it just so happens that all the criminals round your way are white.

I can honestly say that the 5 or 6 times someone has offered to sell me drugs on the street or in the park (all in London), it has been a man of African descent. And the few times I have seen someone pickpocketed, the perpetrator has been a man of Arabic descent and the victim has been a tourist. I had a bike stolen once, but no-one saw it happen so I can't say of what ethnicity they were.

Anyway, where the hell do you live to have had 10 car crimes and 2 acts of vandalism?! Perhaps you need a UN peace-keeping force there! :LOL:

I think I am going to be pouring a load of petrol onto some faultering flames here, but...

I firmly believe that whilst people are entitled to retain a link to their heritage and their culture, a multi-culture society should never take precedent over the existing culture. Multi-ethnic yes, multi-faith yes, multi-culture no. When I have children I want them to learn all about Eid, about Divali, about very faith and culture under the sun. But I do not want my culture, their culture to be pushed aside or trampled on. That doesn't seem to have happened just yet about anything important, but the day that the school Christmas holidays are renamed "Winter holiday", will be a sad day.

Now I can see a massive paradox. Many people will share the above opinion, they will say "Immigrants should integrate themselves fully." BUT... would all of these people be too keen on their blonde daughter coming home with a black boyfriend? :?: Controversial, but seriously, even if the boyfriend is the nicest guy in the world, it may take time for her father to come to terms with the situation. Surely "fully integrated" would include treating anyone the same regardless of skin colour, INCLUDING if your daughter brings them home to meet you?

I dunno, maybe there is another dimension to that one, after all we all want our kids and grandchildren to look like us.
I presume that since you know the nationality of the culprits they were all caught? Even so this is clearly a law and order issue and as Adam said there may be other reasons. Do you think that some prejudiced local d**kheads are responsible? Have you publically supported immigrant groups or suchlike? I know you are entitled to do this if you wish, but feeling are running high in some area's.

I must say my views on immigration are live and let live, for the ones we have, but no more please, we have got our share. I do not condone vandalism or violence against anybody though.
Just to add to the list, The Cavalier had also been stolen, on a previous occasion. This time it was recovered on a "travellers" camp nearby (along with about half a dozen others that had been stolen from the area). I had to replace the wheels and radio at my own expense and no-one was ever charged.

AdamW said:
Now, you said earlier that you live in a predominantly non-white area
Sorry I didn't, (my step son does), My area is predominantly White British (like me) still just in the majority.
Surely people aren't going to commit senseless vandalism and crime where they are well-known and easily identified?
YES THEY DO! The lads that torched the Escort and Orion were caught many times. On the last occaision (not one of my cars), one of thier passengers died, as he fell through the roof of a factory (while fleeing from the police). The police felt the driver had suffered enough trauma (from the death of his friend) so didn't prosecute (even though it was his umteenth arrest). As a PS. The driver then Burgled the house of the dead passenger, while the family was at the funeral. (Still wasn't prosecuted though :evil: )

Granada was damaged by a drunken guest of one of our neighbours. He didn't know (or care) whose car he was wrecking, doesn't know me from Adam, Just picked a car at random to attempt to drive home.

Ford Escort Rear screen was broken by a lad, out of his head on drugs. He also did another thirteen car windows and two house windows (not ours). He was prosecuted by police but I don't know what came of him. I know I never recieved any compensation. :evil:

Talbot Horizon was vandalised by next door neighbours kid (only 8 years old at the time). He didn't know it was mine (it was the first day I'd got it home). After some serious talks with the neighbours, we have had no more bother from this family (although plenty of others have).

Saab 900 Rear screen was smashed by lad as part of an ongoing trend of the time. This lad was part of a crew that were going out smashing random car windows for kicks. Nothing personal

Bathroom window was smashed by a 14 year old boy. This was retaliation for me telling the perpetrators 8 year old brother off for throwing stones at my (then) 2 year old granddaughter. The stone throwing was apparently "just a bit of fun".

The garage that was burgled was part of a string of lock ups. When I challenged them they obviously didn't have a clue that it was my garage. I frog marched them to their home (about 6 doors away from mine). Their mother appoligised profusely and agreed to come to an arrangement for compensation. Later that day, she called and said that I was mistaken, it wasn't her boys that had done the damage. I pressed charges for criminal damage, but the magistrates ruled that it was my single word against all three of them so they were let off.

I presume that since you know the nationality of the culprits they were all caught?
As you can see, Yes I do know the culprits. I don't feel singled out though. These same scum bags have inflicted their anti social behaviour, on just about everyone in sight.

Have you publically supported immigrant groups or suchlike?
NO. Interestingly enough, the sh*theads involved, are not themselves racist either. They quite often hang out with other ethnic minorities.

So to sum up. Although we have had more than our own share of problems. None of them appear to be related to racial issues, even though we have a high level of ethnic minorities in the area. They don't even appear to be personally targeted at us. As I say, if you talk to any of our neighbours they have a similar experience.

The only crime that we have experienced, involving ethnic minorities was the attempted abduction of my daughter on her way home from work. They were subsequently caught and found guilty of a string of rapes (including one of her collegues). The criminals were a gang of three Nigerians. They didn't live in our area, but frequented it for their sick liesure activities.
I would say that last one is worst of all, a car windscreen pales in comparison.

It does sound like you are living in a rather dodgy area, even in busy London I never saw anything worse than the pick-pocketing of people on holiday, unless you count the almost-traditional "some idiots starting fights outside a pub at 11:20". Seriously, even in 21st century Britain this just isn't normal. I know it only takes a few scumbags to turn an area dodgy, but it sounds like someone has been driving round the country, rounding them up into a van and releasing them into the wild at the end of your road. :confused:

I am sorry to hear that you live in an area where such things happen, it must get you down as an honest man to have to put up with it.
I would say that last one is worst of all, a car windscreen pales in comparison.
That happened in Brentwood, Essex. A very nice part of the world. My daughter is a Mental Health Nurse and was walking home from the Hospital to the Railway station down a small unlit lane. About 10:45 pm (but no alternative route available). She noticed a red BMW pass her several times (with no lights on), slowing down to look her over.

She then called us on her mobile phone and I was frantically driving up to check out the situation, when the car stopped behind her. All three occupants then jumped out of the car and she was pulled to the floor. It was only then, that they noticed that she was on the phone, and shouting "YES, I'M LOOKING AT HIM NOW, HE IS..". They then fled back to the car and sped off. Physically, she only sustained a bump on the back of her head, but it did shake her up, quite a bit. I arrived just minutes later, but, despite hours of trawling was unable to find the bu**ers.

It was only when she related the incident to her workmates that she found out that, the same crew had raped a nurse down the same lane, a few weeks previously. I don't know the details of how the culprits were caught, but they were all Nigerians living in East Ham (East London). They used this lane, in Brentwood, as one of their favorite hunting grounds.

Anyhow, back to the thread. I'm concerned that I am coming across (to D&J at least) as an Anti British supporter of the "stop picking on foregners brigade". That I am definately NOT. I'm not racist either.

I have no problems accepting people, irrespective of race or religion. BUT I do have a problem with the PC brigade that introduce crackpot policies about what terms may, or may not, be used. I also have a problem with the positive descrimination that goes on.

What would happen if the music industry started making awards for "Music of White Origin", or if the police force set up a "White Police officers Association". Personally I think both should be allowed (along with their Black equivalents). After all we have "working mans club", isn't that descriminatory against people that have lost their job? There are "Womens Institutes" dotted up and down the country, isn't that descrimatory against men? Then there is "Weight watchers", isn't that descriminatory against people that don't give a toss about their weight. Lets stop all this PC nonsense and get back to calling a spade a spade.

Most of the measures introduced to combat racism, have only inflamed the situation. You can no more stop people being racist through legislation than you can make it compulsory to like someone. Positive descrimination only serves as amunition to those with prejudices.

I have no problems accepting foreigners into our country BUT, I share the views of Adam that there is an essential need to reduce the numbers getting in. I think that once imigrants are accepted, in return, they should accept that they are now in Britain and as such, they should expect to be given equall rights with other British subjects BUT no more. More importantly, public servants should base their policies with this in mind.

I also have a problem with the way travellers are dealt with. Some of these have a way of life based on criminality. If someone makes crime thier lifestyle they should be dealt with, not protected under the pretence of being a special case. Although from my experience with young thugs in our area, it seems that persistent offenders, from any background, are allowed to just get on with it.

Overall I think my attitude is fairly balanced.
Just a little thought about the nurses, with hospitals (in our area) now charging staff to park !! This means that the unfortunate single female in an area without family is at some risk when working late or night shift, I know they find it stressful being on the street with the loonies in the dark.

The same seat polishing desk jockeys park for free during the day ... perk of the job !! ;)
Interesting points here on the duality of such things as MOBO awards.

An interesting point, my mum used to work with a woman who's son (white) was a real racist bu**er. He was an up and coming UK Garage type as a teen, and he hated it when people referred to UK Garage as a MOBO. According to his mother he used the term "n***** music" in his response :eek:

Due to record company marketing he was moved from a largely solo career, and is now the only white member of a successful, rather notorious UK garage outfit. I hope for his sake that he has changed his attitude! :LOL:

Of course the MOBOs only refers to the origins of the music as being black. As far as I am aware, you can be a white artist, but so long as you perform music that fulfils their criteria of blackness, you are eligible. I find it stupid because it ignores other influences. For example, I would say that UK Garage started in largely white areas and was adopted in black communities. Yet there it is in the MOBOs.

If we were to have MOWO awards, they would be largely the same as most modern music has influences from black AND white.
Texmex...Sorry to hear that about your daughter hopefully she will get over it one day. She sounds quite a plucky girl and thankfully in this instance her quick thinking paid off, Thank God.

I agree with everything you say in your last post, this is why I said this.
I assume by your comment you think we are being racist, in actual fact we are not. The concern is the never ending stream of people entering our Island. We do not have the room nor the resources to cope as it is.
I was not replying to you, but it is the likes of you that concerns me. The present situation is costing the country money which is desperately needed to improve the lot of people like you. We clearly have major law and order issues in this country and our resources are being frittered away on useless PC schemes and trying to police the asylum seekers/gypsies etc. We need to get our own house in order first before we try to help others, that is not racism it is common sense, a commodity our leaders are sadly lacking in.

I believe if we completely scrapped outfits such as CRE, (which are blatantly anti white) we could use the funds to genuinely help people( all people, all races). Not keep militant ,loud mouthed trouble causers, in a job. You made an innocent remark in your post.
Lets stop all this PC nonsense and get back to calling a spade a spade.
If that remark was in a newspaper CRE would spend millions on barristers etc prosecuting you. It is this that the populace are sick of, and anybody seen as foreign is getting the backlash. Hence the rise in popularity of the odious political parties.

We desperately need to stop these well meaning but mis-guided people having carte-blanche in these area's. To call anybody who voices concern a racist or bigot is very, very wrong. Just like Gypo's pinching land and property, it is wrong, it is nothing to do with traditions, it is thieving and it wants stronger leaders to stop it and redress the balance.
This is where people become racist(in it's true meaning of one that picks on another race instead of individuals) when they blame a whole race for crimes done by the minority, whether they are black, white, chinese, irish, whatever, can you see that we are not all criminals some want to live their lives without prejudice but are unable to because a few narrow thinkers blame them for all that's wrong with society.
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