What are you drinking tonight?

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The only thing I ever drink! Sadly, they've stopped making it :( So, I'll have to find an alternative. I bought the last four boxes at Morrisons. These bags have a "natural flavouring" added, which makes it taste a little bit like a very mild version of Earl Grey. It helps to disguise that much of the actual tea flavour has been lost during the decaffeination process. The new version no longer has that added.

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Pinot Noir with our Sunday roast. (Ignore the chicken dinners at the back - they are for freezing for our mums - they both don’t like red meat).

I think I’ll crack open a nice bottle of crusted port that my mate gave me a year or so ago and have it with my cheese and biscuits tonight.


Edit: Scrub that, I’ve just remembered why it’s still unopened - he told me it needs decanting to get rid of the 'crust'. I think I’ll have to add a decanter to my Christmas list. Just been back down the cellar and I’m having just a regular port.



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I'm throwing caution to the wind and having a bottle of Lancaster Bomber.
(Well, the oncology diet sheet says a moderate amount of alcohol occasionally, can improve your appetite). ;)
I've (last Friday excepted) not touched a beer for over a month.
But I fancied a few tonight, so just got some St Etienne lagers while I was in aldi earlier.
Must admit, I don't like the taste of lagers anymore.
My two eldest stepsons enjoy this Moretti one and another one, with a red label I think, called something like Aldri.
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