What are you drinking tonight?


Sitting in the garden having a few Hoegaardens.
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I don’t like the full on Rosé's, I tend to go for more ‘blush' types that are around the 12.5% mark or less. You may laugh but the Kylie Minoque rosé is quite nice. Great with fish or seafood.
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Montepulciano with our steak 'n' ale pie tonight. £6 from Waitrose. It's a (y) from me.

From Aldi? Had some of that in my beer test a few weeks ago. Very nice. On my usual Hoegaarden tonight, but indoors. Turned a bit chilly in the evenings lately.

Not too bad and great value, but sometimes I pay a bit more in there and get the Carlsberg Pilsner or San Mig. Tastes even nicer. Though for a very limited time they have Kolsch beer in Aldi, which is a beer local to Cologne, Germany. A very drinkable lager. Bought some today, not tried yet. Had their very moresish Sandford Devon Red cider tonight instead.

Get your Kolsch before it's gone.

Chardonnay tonight with my Salmon and Mediterranean vegetables. Actually, most of those were from the allotment so they are technically Upminster vegetables. :cool:

'Red blend' whatever TF that is with my sausage and mash tonight. 10.5%. Just had to try it. Pîss water. Mind you, it was only £3.45 at Sainsbury’s. :rolleyes:

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