What are you drinking tonight?

Verdicchio with our Friday fish stir-fry.

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Bit of a boozy day today. On the shoot I had Port, Prosecco, Slow Gin and home made mead and that was all before 11 am! Just a Tiger beer tonight with my Thai takeaway. That's enough.
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Sinking quite a few Hoegaarden, eminently drinkable.

First tried that in a pub on Eton High St, next to the bridge, used to be called The George. Liked it but couldn't get past 3 before the flavour got much.
Used to enjoy my saturday nights down Eton High St, The Christopher Hotel, College Arms, Watermans Arms and the George. I think there's another one or two but there names escape me.
Finishing off a bottle of Beaujolais I opened for breakfast this morning. ;) Having it with my perfectly cooked Rosbeef and artisan gravy. :)

Not drink related, but as it seems to have moved onto food....

I absolutely love freshly made shop bought bread, I dislike bread which is older than a day, best I can say is I put up with it, or as often happens - I eat none. Often as not, the bread on sale in the shops is within BB date, but a day or two old, so pot luck as to how it tastes. She got into a habit of buying bread, then just popping the bread unopened into the freezer - by the time it was frozen, by the time it was out and defrosted, it was no longer very fresh. Neither of us consume much bread, so often 2/3rds of a full size loaf will end up in the bin, because neither of us wants it after the second day. I have just convinced her that a better way is to fast freeze a loaf as soon as we get it home, but split the loaf into bags with two slices per bag. That so far seems to work well, we always have the fresh bread to go at, providing we can plan to take a few slices out an hour or two before they are needed.

I just wish I could work out the bakers BB dates, to know from the date just how fresh/when it left the factory. I have just bought a loaf, lovely fresh bread dated 25th and today is 22nd. It went down well with some soup. Another shop had the identical loaf, but with a BB date of 24th, but it felt stale so I gave that a miss and went to a shop over the road. I have known bread in shops to have a BB date of the following day.
Breads with the long BB dates are full of preservatives.

The bread we usually buy and which I particularly like when its fresh is Warburtons. I don't how many days life it is sent out with, but if I like the bread as being fresh on the day bought, it will not be as good by the next day - does that mean preservatives or not?
Colling down after my birthday weekend so just having a couple of Desperados before heading to bed. Nice change!
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